What’s up? First WordPress post!!

Hey guys! This is my first post up on WordPress! I’m super-duper excited to have finally found a host home 🙂

I previously posted on Tumblr and Blogger, but I decided to find a different host. After some research, I landed on WordPress. I’ve heard so many amazing things about this host, and so far . . . they’ve all been true!

The next couple of post will be catch up posts, just letting you guys know where I am and what I had up on Blogger. I thought about connecting the two and transferring my previous posts, but let’s be honest: they weren’t that great. They lacked organization and pictures. It was kind of like reading essays and was not that entertaining.

Blogger was a learning experience for me. It showed me things I need to work on (pictures, planning, posting) and gave me some ideas on how to fix those problems so that my future posts are more interesting. I’m actually spending my weekend taking pictures for my next few blog posts!

So, check out my about page, drop a comment, and stick around for the next few posts.

I’d love to hear from you 🙂