FabFitFun: Spring 2015 Box

Spring is probably my favorite season! I love the blooming flowers, the rain showers, the bright green grass, the baby animals, and ball season. Yay! But now I have another reason to love it – my FabFitFun spring box!

FabFitFun Spring 2015

This season’s box came with ten different items, all of which are super neat.

My favorite item this season is the salted caramel corn by Cosmos Creations. The snack sized bag has two servings in it with 130 calories per serving, 0 grams of protein, and 13 grams of sugar. It’s super yummy! Sure, it isn’t the type of thing you should probably eat for every snack, but to cure a late night sweet tooth craving, it’s pretty good. Plus, it’s super yummy!

Cosmos Caramel Corn FabFitFun Spring 2015 Box

My second favorite thing is probably my actual favorite thing, except that I have no real use for it. It’s a gift card to vowtobechic.com. This website is beyond amazing! I’m in love. I had no idea it existed until this box and I don’t know how I never knew. I wish I had a wedding to attend or be in. I’m going to try and find somebody who is having one this summer and give it to them.

VowToBeChic FabFitFun SPring 2015 Box

I received two different Orly nail polishes. One is in the color Cake Pop, a soft, buttery pink. It is perfect for spring and for occasions when you don’t want a bright color but need a slight tint to your nails. It’s lovey. The other polish is called BB Crème. They say it helps “smooth, moisturize, and brighten” nails with a slight peach tint. I tried it and loved it. It’s perfect for the girl who doesn’t normally wear polish but wants to keep her nails healthy.

ORLY Nail Polish FabFitFun Spring 2015 Box ORLY BB Creme Nail PolishORLY CakePop Nailpolish

I got these lovely coasters from Rifle Paper Co. along with a code for 25% off my next purchase. The coasters are adorably girly and feature different large cities on them. They’d be perfect for a housewarming gift for your girlfriend. I’m going to check out the site for a Mother’s Day gift.

Rifle Paper Co Coasters Rifle Paper Co Coasters FabFitFun Spring 2015 Box

Included in this box was a $25 gift card to Merrihew.com. I had never head of this website so I looked it up. Turns out they sell all sorts of fitness stuff, including equipment, workout DVDs, and clothes. I’m not sure what I’m going to get yet; I need to check out the site a little bit more.

FabFitFun Spring 2015 Box

This box also came with a workout DVD. This one is by Merrithew. It’s a Pilates interval training set. I may try this one out; I haven’t yet. If I like it, I’ll add it to my drawer of workout DVDs. If I don’t, I’ll send it to a friend.

Marrithew Pilates DVD FabFitFun Winter 2015 Box

I have zero green thumbs. But seriously, I have never been able to keep a plant alive. I even killed a banana plant by accident. One of the coolest things included in this box was a Miracle Grow ‘Growable’. I got a basil seed pod. Basically, you plant the little pod and it has mulch, fertilizer, and the seed included. You can also download an app to help you remember to water it and gives you tips on taking care of it. I am so excited to plant this. I think I’m going to get a few more (they are $1.49 apiece) and have Marley help me plant them.

Miracle Grow Growables Basil FabFitFun 2015 Spring Box

Everybody knows spring is music festival season. I mean, how can you miss all the Coachella pictures and articles? I know they were all over my timelines. This box included a package of what they call ‘Bling Tattoos’ aka the super shiny gold, silver, and black temporary tattoos. I don’t have any occasion to wear them, nor are they personally my style, so I plan to find somebody to give them to. I do like that the package came with a wide variety of styles.

A product I really like, but will probably give away, is Palmetto serum. It’s a collagen booster and restorer. It’s 72% organic and 98% naturally made. I love natural products. I think they are better for your skin and body.

Palmetto FabFitFun Spring 2015 Box

I also got a #11 and a #20 eye brush from OFRA cosmetics. They are so soft and fluffy! I’m in love. I always new eyeshadow brushes although I don’t use them very often, but I cannot wait to put these in my daily makeup routine.

ORFA Makeup Brushes FabFitFun Spring 2015 Box

This adorable watercolor scarf came in this box, too. It was the first thing I saw when I opened it and I fell in love. The aqua and coral is a perfect combo for spring and summer so it’s versatile. I plan on using it as a head scarf.

Watercolor Scarf FabFitFun Spring 2015 Box

The last thing in the box is a gift card to hellofresh.com for $40. I haven’t heard of them before, so I check them out. Basically, they have recipes they send you with the ingredients all measured and ready for you to cook. They deliver it to your door and then you make it in thirty minutes or less. Sounds pretty promising! I cannot wait to try this out later in May. It sounds great for busy families or single people.

HelloFresh.com Giftcard FabFitFn Spring 2015 Box

All in all, I love this box! Most of the products I will use and what I won’t, will be super easy to give to friends or family.

Love With Food: Taster Box

Love With Food is an amazing company with an even more amazing mission. They are a unique subscription box that sends samples of all-natural or organic snack foods. What’s truly amazing is that for each box sold (of the ten dollar boxes – the basic box) they donate a meal to different food banks. I love seeing companies that use their platform for good. This company and their mission was brought to my attention when Taralynn McNitt hosted a giveaway on her blog.

Love With Food Box

My first box arrived and I was super-duper excited! It came with six different food samples and one additional goodie. Plus a cool magnet for me to show my support with!

Love With Food Box

My absolute favorite thing out of this box was the Wild Garden hummus snack pack. Hummus is one of my absolute favorite foods and I eat it almost every day. This pack came with traditional hummus and sea salt quinoa chips. The chips – oh my – the chips were amazing. I have every intention to get more of them.

Hummus Chips Love With Food Box

Along those lines, they included pasta chips by Vintage Italia. This was the first time I had ever had this brand or any pasta chips. They were garlic and olive oil flavored and too amazing. But seriously, wow. I need these in my life on the regular.

Pasta Chips Love With Food

Love With Food included honey graham sticks by Back to Nature. My niece loved these and so did I. They tasted great with Greek yogurt and honey. Yum!

Honey Graham Crackers Love With Food

Marley also loved the Sour Beans by YumEarth Naturals. They are all natural sour jelly beans. She likes to call sour food spicy! Its adorable. I wasn’t a big fan of these because I don’t really like sour things. But I pan on ordering her some more of these for a yummy treat once in a while.

Sour Beans Love With Food Box

The only thing I had tried that was in the box was the Luna bar. It was a mini lemon zest . . . my favorite! I tucked it into my backpack for an afternoon pick me up at school.

Lemon Zest Luna Bar Love With Food

Something else I had never tried before was the shortbread cookies by Walkers. Super delicious. I love that these cookies only have four ingredients. It makes me happy when companies use fewer ingredients.

Walkers Shortbread Cookies Love With Food Box

My mom tried this one – the Mightly Leaf green tea tropical whole leaf pouch. I love green tea, but I prefer my tea fruitier. She loved it though.

Tea Love With Food Box

The extra something included was a code for three months free of saltedtv.com. I already have one of these from my FabFitFun box, so I plan on giving this to my mom’s foodie friend. She’ll love it!

Salted TV Love With Food Box

I loved all of the snacks I tried in this box, with the exception of the sour beans, and I cannot wait to get the May box.

Have you tried any of these snacks or brands? Do you have a Love With Food subscription?

IPSY: April Glam Bag

IPSY is one of my favorite subscription services. It was founded by Michelle Phan several years ago. If you don’t know who she is, you probably aren’t around on the YouTube beauty scene. She has gathered a huge following by posting tutorials and how-to videos on YouTube – over 7 million subscribers!!! That’s crazy. I never personally subscribed to her videos, they aren’t my style, but when I heard about IPSY, I couldn’t resist.

My favorite thing about this service and what drew me in, is the name: ISPY. Phan got the name from the Latin word ‘ipse’, which means sense of self. I love that and I love the idea that she wants to help women celebrate their own beauty by providing a variety of beauty products to help enhance natural beauty.

The bag is $10 a month and is filled with 4 – 5 products that come in a super cute bag. Each month is themed and the products and bag match that theme. It’s lovely. They also have offers online where you can buy featured products at discounted prices. I’ve never used that, so I don’t know much more about it. I probably should though! Deals are great, right? They post these offers on their social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to name a few).

My April bag has great goodies! This month’s theme is Beautifully Bohemian. Right up my ally! I love the boho, festival vibe for spring and summer. The bag for this month is perfect for the theme and I cannot wait to use it when I travel or maybe for my lip stuff in my purse.

IPSY April Glam Bag

I got this amazing nail lacquer. It’s a Julie product. The number is L4C and it is this wonderful, bright, pop of pink color. It is perfect for spring and summer! As soon as I saw it, I knew I would love it. I painted my toes the night I got my bag. The color is thick and the polish lasts really well. It still hasn’t chipped, despite the fact I never where shoes unless I’m in public. Plus, it came with a dollar off coupon so I have an incentive to pick up another bottle. I think I’m going to get a light shade of blue.

I got a concealer brush by the Crown Brush Company. I’ve never used any of their brushes before, but this one seems to be pretty good quality. It’s synthetic and pretty thick. I didn’t try this brush because I plan on giving it to my friend as I have several other concealer brushes, but I bet it would be great for spot concealing.

Ipsy April Glam Bag

Another product I plan on sending to my friend is by The Balm Cosmetics. It’s Nude Dude Volume 2 in shade Fit. I LOVE this color, I really do. But I love it so much I have maybe six or seven very similar colors from other brands, so I feel like I should share the love. I had second thoughts though, I really love this formula. It’s so smooth and soft. I think I’m going to check out The Balm for new eyeshadows next time I plan to buy some.

The last product I got is my favorite! It’s a lipstick by Gállány in the shade Petal. I plan on buying a full size in this; it’s the perfect mauve-y pink. That’s usually my go-to color for lipstick and I own maybe . . . seven or eight around this shade. Plus, I love how rich and creamy it feels.

IPSY April Glam Bag

All in all, I’m pretty darn happy with this month’ bag and cannot wait for next month!

Catchup Post: FabFitFun Box Winter 2014

I love shopping. I love getting packages in the mail. Subscription boxes combine the best of both worlds 🙂

I signed up for the FabFitFun subscription boxes back in January after reading about them on Pinterest. So far, I received the Winter 2014 box and the Spring 2015 box. I’m in love with them both. They each came with unique products that I can (and have) started using in my daily routine.

Fab Fit Fun Winter Box 2014

The winter box was super fun! I got twelve different things, all of which are pretty cool.

FabFitFun Winter Box 2014

My favorite thing I got in this box I haven’t tried yet. I’m hoping it’s still good. I plan on using it on the first if the month since I’ll be done with school next month. But, it’s a 3 month free trail to Salted. If you don’t know what Salted is, and you love to cook, you’re missing out. I’ve been – and still am – missing out! It’s kind of like Netflix, but for foodies! You can watch videos of cooking classes with all of these amazing chefs. And, they have step-by-step, easy to follow recipes! Please, head on over to saltedtv.com to check them out!

Salted Giftard

I got a $30 gift card to Fashion Project. This company lets you shop like new or gently used designer clothing and a percentage of the purchase goes straight to charity. Sounds like a great deal, no? I haven’t used my card yet, but I have checked out the site and I love tons of the stuff sold. This would be perfect gift for your humanitarian shopaholic!

Juice Beauty

My next favorite and most used product is by Juice Beauty. It’s the Green Apple Peel Sensitive. The box came with a full sized jar of this certified organic face peel. It isn’t good to use peels more than once a week on your skin, as they can be very damaging and inflammatory, so I use this one once a week or every other week, depending on the texture of my skin. My skin isn’t super sensitive, but I had zero redness after trying it! My super fair, ginger boyfriend didn’t get read either when we tried it on him, so it’s pretty good for sensitive skin!

One thing I have yet to try (shame on me), is the Tibetan Goji Berry eye serum. It’s anti-aging and has retinol. That’s why I haven’t tried it and why it’s going to go to one of my friends – retinol. I have a neurological condition that is exasperated by retinol, so I try not to use it very frequently.

AHA Lather Hand Creme

I got this really decadent hand cream by Lather; it’s the AHA hand crème with evening primrose. It smells divine! I know use this product nightly on both my hands and my feet. I swear they are softer than ever! I’m in love with this.

I also received a sample of Justin’s almond butter. I cannot explain how excited I was to try this! I had heard about it from nearly everybody I follow on Instagram (in the health, wellness, and fitness industries) and it’s been all over the web. It’s as good as they say! I highly recommend this yummy, all natural nut butter. I ate mine on Van’s protein waffles for breakfast one morning. Supper yum.

Justins Almond Butter Special K Bar

A Kellogg’s Special K salted caramel pretzel bar was included, too. It was pretty yummy. For the one bar, it had 100 calories, 6 grams of sugar, and 2 grams of protein. It isn’t the kind of bar I normally snack on, but it was tasty and if your into that kind of thing, you should check it out!

Organic Valley Protein Shake

I am not a fan of protein shakes, which is why I wasn’t too excited to try the Organic Valley protein shake. It’s Vanilla Bean flavored, so I sucked it up, and tried it. It was actually pretty good! You couldn’t taste that icky protein taste that turns so many people – me included – off of protein shakes. For the one bottle, it had 16 grams of protein, 23 grams of sugar, and 190 calories. Not too shabby depending on how you like your macros distributed. I don’t think I’ll ever purchase any of these on my own though.

Half United Necklace TagHalf United Necklace Gold

One thing I absolutely LOVE in this box is the Half United necklace. Each necklace sold pays for seven meals for people in need! I love that idea and I love that FabFitFun choose to share this company and their mission with their subscribers. Each necklace is made from three recycled bullet casings. Mine came in gold. This is such a great item if you’re looking for a gift that pays it forward!

I got a super chic Daniel Stone candle. Not only do I love the minimalistic take on the label, it is made with coconut wax, providing a super clean burn and producing no nasty toxins. Plus, the smell is amazing!

Daniel Stone COCO candle

I lucked out and got two of my favorite beauty product: eyeshadow! These cool shadows are by yourMinerals and are loose powders. I got the shades Swedish Winter and Glistening Grey. These colors are versatile and the formula is smooth and soft. I’m in love!

Swedish Beauty Eyeshadow

The final product in the winter box was from Zumba – it’s actually like a two in one. I got the 60 minute Max DVD and a $25 gift card to the Zumba store. I’m giving the DVD to one of my friends that loves to dance because I’m not so fond of Zumba, but I plan on using the gift card to grab some cool new yoga pants.

Zumba Gift Card and DVD Zumba FabFitFun Pack

I love, love, love most of these products and I’m super excited that they used a couple of different companies that give back to charity. What a great message!

Have you tried any of these products before?

So yesterday . . .

I got my hair done!

I cut and colored it over at my absolute favorite salon – Tonic Headquarters – in Carbondale.

I took a couple of pictures I found on Pinterest in and Crystal worked her magic!

She nailed the hair color and the cut! She’s is so amazing!

We lightened my hair a lot so it made my scalp crazy sore and super sensitive.  After school I’m going to stop by Schnucks and pick up some things for a homemade, healthy hair mask!

I’ll put that up this weekend with some before and after pictures of my hair. I’m waiting to put up the pictures because I’m going to do both straight and curly pictures; my hair looks a lot different depending on the style!

Any cool ideas for hair masks? Any great brands or products that ya’ll use?  I’m always on the lookout for new hair stuff to try.

10 Things About Me

About Me

This is a post pretty much everybody does, but I think it’s important. I know, for me personally, I like knowing a few things about the boggers and YouTubers I follow because not only does it help put their posts into context, it’s just kind of cool to know. Right?


Anyway, I landed on the number ten because I thought five was too few but more than ten seemed way too overwhelming for me and you. So, without further ado (I love that phrase), ten things about me . . .

  1. I LOVE to read.  Okay, you might think that all capital letters on love is way too much excitement, but I seriously could (and have) happily read all day without interruption. This is actually why I became a literature major. Although I have no idea what I’m going to do with my degree, I am happy that I got it in something that I’ve always loved. I’m not even particular on what I read. I’ll read anything – blogs, poetry, novels, short stories, fiction, nonfiction – it doesn’t matter.
  2. I’m a cat lady.  Cats are one of my favorite animals. Although I love my puppy (Coco), I could not imagine not having a cat in my life. I love how they do not rely on their human for entertainment and they aren’t usually too pushy, yet they love cuddles and are usually pretty happy to see you. I attribute this cat lady-ness (it’s a word, guys) to my mother. We always had cats when I was growing up and she frequently cared for strays around the neighborhood. I still stop and try to pet stray cats and often bring them home with me.
  3. I have a boyfriend. His name is Cody and we have been together for a little over four years. He’s a year older than me. And while we went to high school together, we didn’t start dating until my senior year (the year after he graduated). He’s a gamer, a ginger, and sort of a geek. But it’s all good, he’s pretty adorable.
  4. I’m ridiculously unorganized.  I have tried SO many times to be organized and I use a planner, but somehow I always lose things or forget to write important events in my planner. I’m a mess. I also stink at keeping my bedroom organized. I swear I know where everything is, I really do. But I could not ask Cody to go in there and get anything, because he would have no idea where to start looking.
  5. I’m a pretty bad driver.  I know men always joke about women being sucky drivers, but I really am  . . . not to give other women a bad name. Worst Driver was even my senior superlative.
  6. I like sports but . . .  I don’t frequently watch them. I love watching football, baseball, and softball, but prefer to watch it in person and not via live tv. My professional football team is the Denver Broncos. Nope, I’ve never lived there, but I’ve been a fan as long as I can remember. I was a John Elway fan big time! Whoop, go orange and blue! I really wish they hadn’t traded Tebow. Anyway, back on subject . . . I support the St. Louis Cardinals. It’s a regional thing. Very few locals support any other professional baseball team. We have a few Cubs supporters, but we usually pretend they don’t live here. As for softball, I love watching college softball, but don’t really follow any teams.
  7. I have a short attention span. I don’t really have any reason for it, I just have it. I have to be doing at least two things at a time or I completely zone out. My professors and teachers hate it; I always look like I’m not paying attention. But I swear I am!
  8. I’m a procrastinator. It’s a terrible habit, I know. But I never start anything super early. Because of this, I’ve become really good at working under pressure and at hitting deadlines. A silver lining!
  9. My favorite city is Chicago. I’ve been to lots of places, though sadly, never New York. But as far as the United States is concerned, Chicago is my favorite. I love the feel of the city, the community, the food. It’s fantastic. I could go one and on about Chicago. When I go over the summer, I’ll write plenty of posts!
  10. I can’t swim! Tons of people have tried to teach me and tons have failed. I can’t even float! I’m terrified of water and I don’t know if that’s why I can’t swim (some sort of mental block) or if I’m terrified of water because I can’t swim. It’s sort of like the “What came first? Chicken or the egg?” question.

Sarah and Peanut

What’s something random about you guys? What ball teams do you root for?