10 Things About Me

About Me

This is a post pretty much everybody does, but I think it’s important. I know, for me personally, I like knowing a few things about the boggers and YouTubers I follow because not only does it help put their posts into context, it’s just kind of cool to know. Right?


Anyway, I landed on the number ten because I thought five was too few but more than ten seemed way too overwhelming for me and you. So, without further ado (I love that phrase), ten things about me . . .

  1. I LOVE to read.  Okay, you might think that all capital letters on love is way too much excitement, but I seriously could (and have) happily read all day without interruption. This is actually why I became a literature major. Although I have no idea what I’m going to do with my degree, I am happy that I got it in something that I’ve always loved. I’m not even particular on what I read. I’ll read anything – blogs, poetry, novels, short stories, fiction, nonfiction – it doesn’t matter.
  2. I’m a cat lady.  Cats are one of my favorite animals. Although I love my puppy (Coco), I could not imagine not having a cat in my life. I love how they do not rely on their human for entertainment and they aren’t usually too pushy, yet they love cuddles and are usually pretty happy to see you. I attribute this cat lady-ness (it’s a word, guys) to my mother. We always had cats when I was growing up and she frequently cared for strays around the neighborhood. I still stop and try to pet stray cats and often bring them home with me.
  3. I have a boyfriend. His name is Cody and we have been together for a little over four years. He’s a year older than me. And while we went to high school together, we didn’t start dating until my senior year (the year after he graduated). He’s a gamer, a ginger, and sort of a geek. But it’s all good, he’s pretty adorable.
  4. I’m ridiculously unorganized.  I have tried SO many times to be organized and I use a planner, but somehow I always lose things or forget to write important events in my planner. I’m a mess. I also stink at keeping my bedroom organized. I swear I know where everything is, I really do. But I could not ask Cody to go in there and get anything, because he would have no idea where to start looking.
  5. I’m a pretty bad driver.  I know men always joke about women being sucky drivers, but I really am  . . . not to give other women a bad name. Worst Driver was even my senior superlative.
  6. I like sports but . . .  I don’t frequently watch them. I love watching football, baseball, and softball, but prefer to watch it in person and not via live tv. My professional football team is the Denver Broncos. Nope, I’ve never lived there, but I’ve been a fan as long as I can remember. I was a John Elway fan big time! Whoop, go orange and blue! I really wish they hadn’t traded Tebow. Anyway, back on subject . . . I support the St. Louis Cardinals. It’s a regional thing. Very few locals support any other professional baseball team. We have a few Cubs supporters, but we usually pretend they don’t live here. As for softball, I love watching college softball, but don’t really follow any teams.
  7. I have a short attention span. I don’t really have any reason for it, I just have it. I have to be doing at least two things at a time or I completely zone out. My professors and teachers hate it; I always look like I’m not paying attention. But I swear I am!
  8. I’m a procrastinator. It’s a terrible habit, I know. But I never start anything super early. Because of this, I’ve become really good at working under pressure and at hitting deadlines. A silver lining!
  9. My favorite city is Chicago. I’ve been to lots of places, though sadly, never New York. But as far as the United States is concerned, Chicago is my favorite. I love the feel of the city, the community, the food. It’s fantastic. I could go one and on about Chicago. When I go over the summer, I’ll write plenty of posts!
  10. I can’t swim! Tons of people have tried to teach me and tons have failed. I can’t even float! I’m terrified of water and I don’t know if that’s why I can’t swim (some sort of mental block) or if I’m terrified of water because I can’t swim. It’s sort of like the “What came first? Chicken or the egg?” question.

Sarah and Peanut

What’s something random about you guys? What ball teams do you root for?


5 thoughts on “10 Things About Me

  1. Would love to see Chicago one day! Haha bad driver. I actually drive better than my other half. Wow its great you love reading and you chose to study it. Sometimes it’s best to study what you see passionate about and not what you think will be your future job.


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