Swim into Beauty :: June IPSY Glam Bag

Swim into Beauty.

That is the perfect title for Ipsy’s June bag . . . or so I first thought.

Then I opened the electric pink envelope.

IPSY June Glam Bag Swim into Beauty

This month’s bag is black and red and made of the scuba/neoprene type material. The material makes sense . . . it’s a summer staple, but the bag’s color scheme just felt off to me.

And so did the products. Don’t get me wrong, I like most of them, but my samples don’t really seem to fit the ‘Swim into Beauty’ idea. I thought the bag would have more waterproof or waterproofing type things or maybe even sun enhancers or sun protectants. Maybe highlighters, bronzers . . .

IPSY June Glam Bag Swim into Beauty

Anyway, on to what actually filled my bag.

The first product I pulled out was the product that most excited and disappointed me: Lipitude’s 24/7 hydrating lip stain. I can’t tell if the shade is LLS115, 15BEAD, or not listed on my container. It’s kind of a berry mauve shade. I love lip stains. They are hands down my favorite lip product. I excitedly applied this in my car right after finding my June bag in the mail.

IPSY June Glam Bag Swim into Beauty Liptitude 24/7 Lip Stain

Que rapid disappointment.

It has the constancy or a liquid lipstick or really thick lip gloss. By the time I made it inside from my car, it had bled around my mouth and migrated to both my top and bottom teeth. I thought maybe I had not applied it correctly or was careless. This morning, on clean lips, I applied a trusted lip liner and then carefully applied the stain. Same results, minus the bleeding. It didn’t dry to a stain and when I wiped it off (easily, with a napkin) a few hours later, my lips weren’t even tinted. I’m going to offer it to my friend who does plays to put in her stage makeup with a full discloser of my experience. I’m hoping it works better for her!

As soon as I opened the pink package, I could smell a lovely cucumber smell. I went searching for that product next. Oh, my lanta. I found Befine’s cucumber facial mask. At first I thought it must have spilt in my bag, but it is just that richly scented. This stuff is like crack. I opened my June bag yesterday and I have already ordered a full size version of this. I’m actually wearing it while I type this. All the good things one can say about face masks can be said about this. My skin was softer, brighter, firmer, and my pores were clearer.

IPSY June Glam Bag Swim into Beauty Befine Cucumber Mask

I got two face products in this bag. My second one is by Nuxe and is an exfoliating gel with rose petal. This one smells divine but didn’t work as well as my regular peel. My skin felt very tight and dehydrated after removing this, but looked clearer and firmer so I bet it works wonders on oily skin!

IPSY June Glam Bag Swim into Beauty Nuxe Rose Petal Face Peel

The next product I’m pretty happy with. I got an eyeshadow stick by trèStique in the shade Marimoto Pink Pearl. It’s a shimmery nude sand color that blends out beautifully. I think I will use this numerous times – I might even find a big one after I finish with the smaller size! It hasn’t creased after six hours of wear and it stayed in place without a powder over it. Win!

IPSY June Glam Bag Swim into Beauty treStique Eyeshadow Stick

The last product I love! It is the photo finish primer by Smashbox. I used this as my main primer until November of last year when I switched to a Urban Decay primer. This is amazing! It goes on velvety and dries very matte. If you visit Ulta or Sephora, they have ones with different base colors for different problems so here is one for everybody.

IPSY June Glam Bag Swim into Beauty Smashbox Photofinsh Primer

Have you ever used any of these products? Have any suggestions on how to get better results with the lip stain? Please leave a comment 🙂


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