Love with Food :: Late Review :: June Tasting Box

The June tasting box from Love with Food is absolutely yummy! I love the theme – Saturday in the Park – because it really plays on summer and summer activities. As always, my favorite thing about my Love with Food box is that a portion of the proceeds go to fight hunger. It feels great to give back, no?


As I type this, I’m perched on my bed listening to my neighbors spray their field while Knight and Day plays in the background. I love Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz so this 2010 film instantly became one of my favorites. When Cody and I found it in the $5 bin at Walmart last year, I was beyond ecstatic. Friday night Coy and I set up my new desk and tv stand, so I’m taking advantage of the new set up (finally having my tv hooked up in my room) to binge on my favorites while I go through my clothes, reorganize my room, and work on some crafts. I’m taking a break from all the cleaning to jot down this post.

The first thing I pulled out of my June box was Shelia G’s Brownie Brittle in chocolate chip flavor. I saw these at Target a few weeks ago and almost got them. I passed though because I had already grabbed a few unplanned snacks. These are so amazing! I cannot express how much my sweet tooth loved these. I have to say, the package was incredibly sweet. But, at only 120 calories per bag, I might just have to grab a few of these to keep around for late night cravings.

Brownie BrittleJune Lov with Food Box

My second favorite snack out of this box is the Kutoa bar. The name is Swahhili and means ‘to give’. For every Kutoa bar purchased the company gives a meal to a child in need. How generous is that? I got the flavor cherry cashew. These bars come in a variety of flavors including chocolate banana,, chocolate espresso bean, peanut butter banana, and blueberry almond. They are gluten free, soy free, vegan, and non GMO. With 182 calories and 5 grams of protein, you really get all your bang for your buck. They only downside is that the bar has 17 grams of sugar. But depending on your lifestyle and the day, that’s not too bad. The bar itself was pretty good. Cherry cashew isn’t a flavor I would normally pick, but I love how you can really taste all the flavors in the bar. The texture is great, too. It isn’t dry or gravelly. It was moist and that really surprised me.

KUTOA Bar Love with Food Gift Box

So the SunRype 100% fruit strip I haven’t had any of type of snack like this since I was little! Most of the Fruit Roll Up or Fruit by the Foot type things have ridiculous amounts of sugar and artificial dyes. The SunRype fruit strip has only 11 grams of sugar and 50 calories. I had Cody try these and he couldn’t tell the difference. This has inspired me too look up recipes to make homemade fruit leathers. I know Marley would love them. She would happily be a fruitarian if we’d let her! Haha

SunRype Strawberry Fruit Strip June Love with food box

Next up was is the Sheffa Everything Savory bar. Confession time: I was so nervous to try this! I’m not too big into savory snacks and something marketing itself as ‘everything savory’ just seemed a little too much. But, I tried it . . . and . . . I’m sold. Honestly, it might be too much for some people but I loved it. With only 80 calories, 2 grams of protein, and zero sugars, I think this snack might make a great afternoon pick me up. I will be buying some of these to stash in my backpack for school. I tried to pin point the flavors, but I couldn’t.

Sheffa Everything Savory Bar Love with Food June Box

You guys know, I love trail mix, so I was pretty happy when I pulled out Emily’s Trail Mix. It’s a mix of cashews, cranberries, apples, raisins, and almonds. Each packet has 110 calories, 9 grams of sugar, and 2 grams of protein. It also has 30 milligrams of sodium. This little baggie has is pretty well balanced for a snack sized trail mix. It’s also pretty yummy! I probably won’t be buying these, but I wouldn’t turn them down if they happened to be bought for me. I really loved the addition of apples. I will have to try this next time I make trail mix.

Emily's Trail Mix Love with Food June Box

I was a little confused when I pulled out Bali’s Best Tea Candy. I had never heard of tea candy before so I was intrigued to say the least. Hesitantly I popped one in my mouth when I started this post. I immediately fell in love. These taste exactly like a glass of good, old fashioned, southern iced tea while being sweet, but not too sweet. I doubt I will purchase these, but they are amazing!

Bali's Best Tea Candy Love with Food June Box

I was particularly excited about the La Panzanella Croccantini artisan Italian crackers in Rosemary. I love crackers. I use them to make cheese trays, with hummus, or sometimes I just have them by themselves. La Panzanella crackers would be perfect for all of the above. I paired them with Butter Kaise and an herbed goat cheese spread. They tasted phenomenal with both! I’ve already ordered more of these. I make mini cheese pates all the time and these will upgrade those plates.

La Panzanella Crackers Rosemary Love with Food Box

And last but not least, the one item that has held this post from being up sooner: Popchips in Crazy Hot. I don’t eat anything spicy. I had an ulcer when I was younger and I’ve avoided anything remotely spicy since. I had to get Cody to try these. He doesn’t eat anything remotely heathy (I swear I’m trying to work on this!), so I put them in a bowl and pretended they were just normal chips. He loved them! He asked where I got them and couldn’t believe they were healthy when I told him. I know he will be willing to eat these again. This bag has 120 calories, 2 grams of protein, and 1 gram of sugar. I won’t be getting the Crazy Hot flavor, but if I see any of the others when I’m shopping, I’ll probably pick up some of the other flavors.

popchips crazy hot june love with food box

All in all, this box was a win. I promise I will try and get next month’s box up much quicker with better pictures. I should have retaken these, but I had already opened and eaten most of them.

Have you tried any of these snacks? Any good suggestions on other healthy snacks to try?


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