National Watermelon Day . . . Yes, it is really a thing.

I hopped on Twitter this morning while I waited for my bath for finish running (there’s a joke in that somewhere, right? Like, catch it or something?) and saw the hashtag Nation Watermelon Day. Intrigued, I clicked. I didn’t know that was a thing. Did you? It seems like every day there is some new National Something Day. Not that I mind; it gives me a chance to indulge in whatever they are hastagging.

I was in luck, because yesterday I saw a roadside stand selling these amazing looking watermelons. Now I am not a huge watermelon fan. On the contrary, I actually kind of dislike them. But, I am trying to get a taste for the fruit because I need to eat more fruit and because they are so hydrating. I convinced my mom to pull over and buy one. It honestly was not that hard to do because she and Marley love the stuff.

National Watermeon Day on BySarahShea

This morning, along with my bowl of cheerios I had a few slices of watermelon. It wasn’t that bad . . . I guess.

I think tomorrow I am going to try frozen watermelon cubes in my water.

How do you guys eat your watermelon? Anything super creative?


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