Back to Blogging :: I finally have internet!

I haven’t had internet for over a week . . . It’s been beyond stressful! 

It’s made my first two weeks of school unnecessarily hard. I had internet at school, but I haven’t been able to stay late to post because of personal commitments. 

We contacted our internet provider multiple times, but to no avail.  They kept saying they knew the problem was on their end and that they would be able to fix it. They sent people out several times and weren’t able to fix the problem. 

My mom finally switched the physical phone line to a new one and . . . Our internet started working. 

The provider was wrong and the problem was on our end and easily fixable! It was so frustrating!! But now, I have plenty of posts to get up to you guys!

I’ve made muffins, gone to a Cardinals game, and a couple other fun things! Those posts should be up soon. 


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