Marley’s First Cardinals Game!

Cardinals Game

I love watching baseball. I’ve been playing softball since I was four, but I have only enjoyed watching baseball the last few years.

The popular team around here is the St. Louis Cardinals. For some people, it is like a religion! haha!

My niece’s first game was a few weeks ago. She loves, loves, loves sports. Her last babysitter lived next to our local ballpark and would take Marley there to watch the high school, grade school, and summer league teams practice and have games. Marley watches the Cardinals on the telly sometimes and was so excited to go to the game.

My stepdad got us tickets on the first base foul line. Talk about awesome! The only downside was how hot and humid it was! I’m talking 98 degrees feeling like 110!

Marley’s first Cards game was against the Washington Nationals!

Marley's First Cardinals Game

It was a great game! Not too boring and not too action packed.

Marley's First Cards Game

We had a super cute guy shagging the balls near us!

Marley's First Cardinals Game

He was almost as cute as Molina and Piscotty!

Marley's First Cardinals Game Marley's First Cardinals Game Marley's First Cardinals Game  We ended up winning the game! Woo-hoo!

Do you guys have a favorite baseball team?Marley's First Cardinals Game


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