Swamped :: A School Story & Mini Catch Up

I have been beyond swamped so far this semester! I’m only taking four classes, but three of them have an overwhelming load because they are graduate level classes.

 I’m so impressed by the amount of work grad students accomplish for class, along with their personal life, and working. I had three papers due last week and two more this week. Crazy!! 

I’ve been relying so much on caffeine and sugary drinks lately. I know after his semester I’ll have to seriously cute back!

I have a few post ideas that I’ve written up but I’m missing pictures for them still. I’m going to try and knock those out in the next few days and some for backup posts when I’m super swamped. 

One way I keep school from getting too overwhelming is to pamper myself while I work. When I’m up late writing papers or studying I do a face or hair mask. 

The other night I pulled out my latest favorite :: Boscia’s Luminizing Black Mask. It’s amazing. You put a thick, opaque layer of the mask on and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. It dries slowly and peels off cleanly. It worked like a pore strip, but less abrasive! After pulling it out, I gently scrub my skin. My pores look half the size they were. This is going to be a new staple in my mask collection. 

I’ve also been working a ton! Which is great because it means I can go shopping đŸ™‚

Marley had her birthday party today! She turns four on 10-5, but we had her party early because my strap dad will be out of the country on her birthday week. 

I’m also loving the combo of my new camo shirt, my pink suede anorak jacket, and my bullet necklace from Half United. 

Don’t ya just love iPhone photos? Haha


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