My Top Two YouTube Channels

Yay! I finally have internet again! Okay, I know it is such a ‘first world problem’, but I haven’t had intent since December 16th. To celebrate, I’ve been binging YouTube videos for the last two hours. I figured I would share my two favorites with you in case you decide to go on a YouTube binge 🙂

These are my two favorite channels on YouTube. Leave yours in the comments below!


Jaclyn Hill is my favorite YouTuber – number one, no doubt.

Jaclyn is beautiful both inside and out and her unbelievable dedication to being herself and staying genuine is what makes her a great role model to those watching her videos. I found Jaclyn about two and half years ago via Pinterest. She happened to be featured on the popular page and the adjoining comment was such a glowing review of her tutorials that I had to click on it. I’m so glad I did! The video was Foundation routine – how to get a flawless face and completely changed the way I did my makeup. 


Her tutorials and tips range in difficulty, but all can be adapted to whatever make-up level you happen to be. I’m familiar with makeup but I’m not even close to being makeup artist level and I have recreated several of her looks with practice and a couple with ease. She’s very honest about what works and what doesn’t and has no problem calling out a product when it doesn’t hold up to her expectations.

My favorite tutorial she has posted is the 90’s Grunge Makeup Tutorial because I love 90’s fashion and grunge is one of my favorite fashion movements in history. And she was the final straw that pushed me to get a Clarisonic with her review. She has a great website where she posts updates and some of her cute outfits (note: the style/outsift posts haven’t been updates in a long while)– she has great style. She’s done collaborations with a couple of different business. I bought the Jaclyn Hill MorphĂ© Favorites pallet and her highlight collaboration with Becca Cosmetics, Champagne Pop.


My favorite thing that she has done has to be her collab with Teen Town Hall. I hadn’t heard of this project until she posted a short overview of her involvement with it. Teen Town Hall is where a group of teen girls get together and discuss the difficult things they go through every day (pressures, body image issues, whatever) and help each other talk through the issues and offer support. I think this is a fabulous project that deserves more press and I’m incredibly proud of Jaclyn for participating and lending her voice. A few weeks ago she also posted a video speaking out against mean, hurtful, and bulling comments online. She really is a genuine soul and I adore watching her videos. Plus, her husband (Jon) and her two dogs (Georgie and Frankie) are the cutest. You can see more of her pictures on her Instagram page. I just pulled these from a Bing search.



My second favorite channel on YouTube is FitnessBlender.


I found them on Instagram last year and they produce workout videos. I love workouts I can do anywhere. The urge to workout strikes me out of nowhere and sometimes I can’t always make it to the gym. Or, if I’m honest, I sometimes don’t like to hit our gym when it’s busy because it’s so tiny. Insert the amazing couple that makes FitnessBlender videos. You can head on over to their channel and it’s so great! You can access it almost anywhere so it’s great for workouts when you’re traveling. They have all different types of workouts and different lengths. You need to check them out!

I follow their Instagram account and it is filled with positive ideas and helpful little videos. They really are one of the few insanely popular fitness accounts that focus on positivity and not just trying to make a quick buck selling a detox tea or teeth whitening kit. If you aren’t a believer yet, I don’t blame you. But, you should check out their before and after videos. As with Jaclyn’s photos, I pulled these from a Bing search.





My favorite Jaclyn videos
Skincare routine + teeth whitening
Classic Red Lip Makeup Tutorial
Quick & Easy Back To School Makeup Tutorial
Old Hollywood Glam – Makeup & Hair Tutorial
Soft Glam Holiday Makeup Tutorial
Glam Zombie | Rotting Face Makeup Tutorial
90’s Grunge Makeup Tutorial


My favorite Fitness Blender videos
10 Minute Butt and Thigh Workout – Interval Strength Training Sweatfest
Abs, Butt and Thigh HIIT Cardio Workout – Bodyweight Cardio Interval Workout
Quick 10 Minute Core Workout – Pain in My Abs!
Killer at Home Chest Workout – 10 Minute Chest Workout Without Weights
HIIT the Deck Cardio – At Home High intensity Interval Training Workout


2016 Goals :: Realistic & Challenging 

It’s that time of the year. You know what I’m talking about. It’s all over your Facebook and Twitter feeds — New Year Resolutions. 

I’m not a huge fan of the “New Year New You” idea. I think you can make a “New You” anytime you want, you don’t need a fresh calendar to make a change. Although I know the idea of having a set start date is nice. 

So instead of resolutions, I make goals. Last year I had a ton of goals I wanted to accomplish and the motivation to do them . . . For about two weeks. I honestly can’t be sure I actually accomplished anything I wanted to do last year. And that’s okay.

This year I’m using last year as a lesson. I learned that I should set goals to do things I want to do (like go to more concerts) and not goals to do things I think I have to do (run more). When the goal was to accomplish something I didn’t really want, I didn’t care if I stuck to it and it showed when I couldn’t check anything off my list. 

I only have three main goals for 2016 :: be healthier, be happier, be kinder. 

In order to achieve these, I set smaller goals for myself including finishing Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide, cooking at home more, complimenting somebody else each day, trying to criticize others less, and take time do things I enjoy each day. 

I know these will be challenging and I’m looking forward to the positive changes these goals will bring.