Lazy, Rainy Day & Chocolate Peppermint Popcorn

It is so dreary today! The last few days have been so sunny with weather in the low 70’s, but today it has rained since dawn and is in the low 50’s. Not my type of weather! Dreary days make me feel dreary.

I came straight home from work, changed into my Slytherin pajamas, and curled up in my warm winter blanket. BUT I still didn’t feel normal.

What else could I do but make popcorn? Honestly, I cant think of a thing.


I usually eat Skinny Pop, but I wasn’t feeling it tonight so I popped one of Cody’s bags of extra buttery popcorn. Yum! I know it’s bad for you – but its so good. I sprinkled it with sea salt before adding some peppermint chips and mini chocolate chips. If you do it when the popcorn is still warm, it melts a little bit. So delicious! I love the sweet and salty combo.


No choco-pepermint popcorn would complete without hot chocolate. Okay, that’s not exactly true but Marley really wanted a cup so I figured I would join her. When I make hot chocolate I put a ton of hip cream on top. Today I sprinkled it with peppermint chips and drizzled it with a bit of chocolate syrup. I like to eat my marshmallows separate from my coco. . . strange, I know.






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