*Kid Approved* Fruit Loop Treats

title proved.jpg

Living with a four year old has disadvantages. For instance, it doesn’t matter if it is a bank holiday or a weekend – nobody in the house is sleeping in if Marley has anything to say about it. But it also has perks: Netflix cuddles, hugs, and treats.

St. Patrick’s Day is next week and Marley has been learning about leprechauns and Ireland in Pre-K. On Monday, her teacher showed them “leprechaun footprints” and it got Marley really excited about anything remotely connected to St. Patrick’s Day.

I was off today so I decided to make her a themed treat. I spent this morning sorting Fruit Loops into three piles – yellow, green, and the rest of the colors – while I watched White Collar. Guys, Matt Bomer is gorgeous. The episode was 4:9 “Gloves Off” and let me say, Bomer

I used the same recipe for these yummy treats as I did when I made Rice Krispie treats for Valentine’s Day.

I made three separate batches, just like I separated them, yellow, green, and rainbow.

The rainbow ones I cut into squares, the yellow ones I made little piles with, and the green ones I cut into little, tiny squares.

I told her they were pots of gold, leprechaun treats, and rainbows. She loved them! Which is really all that matters, of course.


Have you ever made anything like this? Better question: Yay or nay on Matt Bomer? Obviously, I vote yay.




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