IPSY April Glam Bag

My April IPSY glam bag came last week and I am loving it! I’ve been sick all week so it has taken me forever to get this up.

2016 IPSY April Glam Bag

It’s full on Spring here and I adore it – rain, flowers, and bright green grass – not to mention the warmer weather! I could live in Spring year round. I adore the clothes and the makeup . . . almost as much as I adore this glam bag. The theme this month is ‘Dreamers’. Cute, huh?

2016 IPSY April Glam Bag

I cannot pick which product is my favorite this month. I’m stuck between this amazing cream eyeshadow by Starlooks and hair oil by Moroccan Oil.

I am by no means a fan of cream eyeshadow. I always fall in lust with it, but I’m over it after a few wears because it creases, transfers, or rubs away. This one by Starlooks is entirely different! I always sample the products as soon as I pull the bright pink mailer from my box. Seriously, I open them in my car! I put some of this on the back of my hand, fell in love with the color, and promptly forgot it was there. The color is ‘Rose Gold’ and it is lovely, truly lovely.


2016 IPSY April Glam Bag :: Starlooks Cream Eyeshadow

I wore it today with Urban Decay’s Half Baked over it. Perfection. It also looks freakin’ amazing under Chopper. Half Baked is more of a true gold and Chopper more rosy – each shadow brings out different tones in the Starlooks’ cream shadow. The color payoff is huge, too. My only complaint is that it dries really quickly, almost too quickly for me to apply it evenly. But that is completely something I can learn to work with.


The Moroccan hair oil is awesome, too! This is the first product I have ever had from Moroccan Oil. My hair is super dry and brittle – partly due to the natural texture and partly due to the fact I colored it purple a few months back. Seriously, the purple hair was worth it, but some days styling dry hair is difficult. Oil is one of the best things for dry hair.

2016 IPSY April Glam Bag :: MoroccanOil Hair Oil


I usually start my day with coconut oil on my hair (I know, you’ve heard all about the benefits – but try it!), but it is way too heavy when my hair is straight. That’s when this hair oil comes in. It is light but just as hydrating as coconut oil. Perfect, right? I only use a few drops because you truly do not need more than that. I will be purchasing a full size version of this as soon as I run out.

2016 IPSY April Glam Bag :: MorcconOil Hair Oil


I’m slowly quickly becoming a brush junkie and this month, my glam bag helped that addiction. This brush is from Crown Brush – C427, Tapered Duo Fiber Brush – and it so freakin’ soft. It is dense toward the base and center, but lighter toward the end – perfect for an airbrushed look. Or so I’m told. I’m not an MUA – I just watch a ton of YouTube videos. Haha! It also has these cool indentions for your fingers.

I first tried it with blush, but didn’t like how it blended. Disappointed, I almost tossed it into a drawer, but my boyfriend said something about how it looked like a brush that Jaclyn Hill used in a video we had just watched. My ah-ha moment struck and I used it for my highlighter. BOOM. Perfection. My highlight has been better than ever.

A couple months back, in a FabFitFun box, I got a lip gloss by Tarte’s LipSurgence collection, and I love it. It’s become my go-to lip gloss for when I want a bit of color but don’t want something heavy.

 2016 IPSY April Glam Bag :: Tarte LipSurgence


This month I scored a lippie from that same collection. I think in the shade CD76? I’m not sure, it wasn’t clearly labeled. The color is more of an orange red and kind of sheer when on my lips, but my swatches make it look more dark coral. My lips are naturally more mauve in tone, but I plan to try it with my orange lip liner soon. I think the color with that will be lovely.  I’m doing a terrible job of describing this, but it is a tough one – I think overall, it would read coral on most people.

2016 IPSY April Glam Bag :: Tarte LipSurgence

Check out the swatches, though. I did one on me and one on Cody to show the difference and the tone better. Cody kept thinking I was saying switches – haha! I also swatched the Starooks cream shadow. I still can’t get over how pretty it is!

REN’s Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream was included and is pretty awesome. It helps protect against free radicals. I always make sure to use a serum or a face lotion that specifically protects against this when I go on vacations or day trips because cities have a lot more pollution than my small town and I hate the havoc it does to my skin.

2016 IPSY April Glam Bag :: REN Clean Skincare Day Cream


The lotion absorbs ridiculously well and leaves the skin smooth and not oily. Amazing! My only real complaint about this product is that it doesn’t contain sunscreen, but that is easy to fix. Besides, guess what’s better than sunscreen? The fact that REN made this day cream without any parabens, sulphates, mineral oil, petrolatum, synthetic fragrances, or glycols silicones. That is more than worth having to apply sunscreen.

2016 IPSY April Glam Bag :: Ren Skincare


Have we talked about that bag? No? How could we not! It is an adorable tie dye pattern. It strikes me as more of a summer bag versus a springy bag, but I still love it. It would be perfect tossed into a pool bag or used to carry your money when sunning with your friends.

2016 IPSY April Glam Bag


Did you get any of these products iin your glam bag?





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