Gift Guide :: High School Graduation ’16

Graduation season is upon us! I didn’t even realize it was that time until I got my cousin’s announcement and party invite. Only one semester out of school and I’m already out of touch – haha!

It’s sort of very last minute, but here are some killer gifts that are sure to please anybody escaping graduating high school.



Netflix: Procrastination is practically the college game and what better way to procrastinate than with Netflix? Grab your grad a gift card and let them enjoy a few months of binge watching.

iTunes Gift Card: Got a grad that is obsessed with music? Get them a gift card and let them pick out some new (or old) tunes to queue up when lounging by the pool this summer.

Air BnB Gift Card: So many grads plan to vacation sometime during the summer with their friends. Lend a hand by helping them afford a cool place to crash in the city of their choice.

Amazon Gift Card: Give your graduate the gift of anything with this fun and easy gift. Awesome points to you if you get the grad cap gift box (also: some areas qualify for free one day shipping for all you last minute shoppers).

Scratch Map: Does your grad love to travel? Help ‘em keep track of all the fun places they’ve been with this awesome scratch off map. Bonus – they can frame it for easy dorm or apartment art.

scratch map


Cork Globe: Along the lines of the scratch off map, this globe helps the traveling grad keep track of their treks in a fun and decorative manner.

cork globe


Game of Phones: This game is ridiculously fun and perfect for the generation that never knew a world without smart phones. It’s the perfect game for game night! Grab one for your grad and one for you.

game of phones


Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera: I have one of these and I love it! You or your grad may be old enough to remember when most parents had a Polaroid camera? Well this Fujifilm camera is like it’s cooler, younger sister. It comes in a variety of colors – mine is pink – and prints off the cutest instant pictures. Sure it won’t replace a point and shoot camera, but it is fun to have around. If you go with this camera, make sure you grab them a few extra packets of film.

instax camera


A Guide to Adulting: This book is smart, witty, and the perfect gift for any graduate! It covers a host of topics including apartment life, money, and family. The world is a tough place, so give your grad 468 tips on how to “adult” in it. Bonus for going through and writing your tips and tricks in the margins of the appropriate chapter. This is truly a book your grad can refer back to for many, many years.

adulting guide book


Leather Messenger: Hear me out, I know Amazon has this listed as a man’s satchel, but this is the perfect unisex gift for the college bound. There was a girl in my Shakespeare class that had a bag super similar to this and it was the coolest freakin’ thing. Not only will this bag look cool, it can be dressed up or down, used as an overnight bag, and it comes with a padded sleeve for a laptop or tablet.



Canvas Leather Backpack: Messenger bag not your grad’s style? This backpack should the next place you head. It, like the messenger bag, looks more expensive than it actually is, but unlike the messenger, this comes in a variety of colors including green, navy, and grey.

Canvas and Leather Backpack


Bonus points if you stuff the messenger or backpack with snacks, novelty notebooks, fun pencils, movies from the $5 bin, or other fun gifts.


All of these gifts can be purchased with Amazon Prime (hey y’all, two day shipping!), except for some of the gift cards. But, the gift cards can be emailed so – yay!

And boom – you’re now prepared for the last minute graduation party you did not see coming. What cool gift ideas do you guys have planned?





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