Summer 2016 :: Goals and New Things

Summer is here! I mean, not officially, but pretty close. Everybody is graduating, school gets out next week, the weather is warming up, the sun is out again – so it’s summer time.

Summer means more free time for most people – especially those under 18 and not taking summer college classes. I try to use each summer as a way to focus on any New Year’s Goals I might not be totally following through with and to try new things.

This summer I want to focus on improving myself in multiple areas by sticking to my workout program, eating a healthy breakfast, blogging about three times a week, doing more DIY projects, being more organized, and reading more. I think being a well-rounded person is important in order to lead a happy, fulfilled life and after taking the last month or so to focus on relaxing and lowering my stress level (I have some anxiety so it is rather easy for me to become stressed over relatively lame things), I thought I should spend the next few months focusing on improving other aspects of my life.

As for new things, I want to go hiking, explore various local and regional parks and historical sites, just general try things outside of my comfort zone. This will be super easy because Cody is always trying to get me to do new things – especially outdoor things lol

To complete any goal, you typically need a plan of action. I sat down last night and wrote out plans for each of my goals, including a workout schedule, a blogging calendar, a list of DIY projects I want to complete, and I ordered the book about the KonMari Method to help me declutter my space. As for reading more, I have boxes of books (literally) that I haven’t read yet.

I’m super excited to get started on these!

Do you guys have any goals for the summer?




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