Summer Goals 2016:: July

July is here! Honestly, July is one of my least favorite months. It’s hot – I mean, really hot – and I hate the heat. But I’m not going to let that (and a crazy full schedule) stop me from completely my summer goals. In order to best complete them, I made some July goals.

  1. Work out more: I am sick a lot and have really bad migraines. That, combined with a new job and refurbishing the place Cody and I are moving into, has taken all of my energy. This month, I plan to workout even if I don’t feel like it at least four times a week, because a slow workout is better than none. And I know I feel so much better when I am active.
  2. Healthy breakfasts was one of my summer goals, but I have been nailing that this past month, along with having well rounded meals. Obviously, I am keeping this up! This month, I plan to add protein shakes for breakfast.
  3. Frequently blogging: Well, to say this don’t as planned is an understatement, and maybe this should fall under organization because that is why this hasn’t gone as planned – my lack of organization.
  4. DIY projects: These are going to revolve around the new place – cabinets, counters, and décor. I haven’t had time recently to really be at the new place, but once I am, these posts will be up.
  5. Organization is something I have never been great at. I am working so hard on this, but it hasn’t been easy. I’m going to keep trying, though.
  6. Reading more is super easy. When I don’t feel well, I read while I rest. I have plenty of books I haven’t read, too.



July Workouts






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