Back to School Blues :: Planner Wish List

I’ve been in such a funk lately and I’m not sure why. My motivation has been at an all time low (Love ATL – the band) lately, I’ve been sick, and I have a slew of doctor appointments coming up that I just cannot be ready for. Something else adding to my funk – it’s back to school time.

I’m not in a funk because I have to go back to school, but because I’m not going back to school. This is the first August in forever and ever that I haven’t been out shopping for fun school supplies. However, this hasn’t stopped me from checking out all of the cool supplies floating around.

These are a few of my favorite planners for the 2016-2017 school year.

My favorite planners this year come from the fun and funky Lilly Pulitzer. The jumbo sizes run at35, large versions are $30, medium are $24, and the small versions are $18. These planners are bright, fun, and filled with exciting illustrations and stickers.


I always adore the Kate Spade planners. These have been a staple in my bag for years until I switched to a Lilly one earlier this year. Kate Spade planners are sleek and stylish – perfect for keeping with you all the time. The mega planners run at $40 and the large sizes at $36.


Don’t forget to head on over to Kate Spade and Lilly P to check out the matching accessories like notebooks, pens, and sticky notes.


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