National Suicide Prevention Week

So, this is a heavy topic, but such an important one. This week is National Suicide Prevention Week and tomorrow is World Suicide Prevention Day. If I’m honest, I sat staring at this post for entirely too long trying to decide what to say and how to say it, but this topic is so close to my heart. However, I’m not yet comfortable sharing my story with the whole world yet. I just wish I had thanked the person that took the time to help me when I was at my lowest. But I never did and now I just hope I can be a positive voice.

To Write Love On Her Arms is running a campaign this week to help raise awareness and present people with the tools they might need in their battle. They started a hashtag on Twitter – #IKeptLiving – that is helping people share their stories and raise awareness. You can learn more about their And So I Kept Living movement here. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is sharing the message with #StopSuicide.


from my person twitter


These organizations are incredible and are doing such incredible work. Please, please spread the word and awareness.

Your voice might help somebody. Raise it and spread the word, the love, and positivity. It could honestly save somebody’s life.

Local Wonders :: A Pretty Park & Local Veggie Stand

Last week Cody and I both happened to have the same day off! This was so exciting so despite the fact that we had plans with my family that night, we decided to head out early and explore a local park. We had hoped to hike, but ended up just walking around looking at all of the amazing scenery. It was just so pretty!

I’m hoping we can hit another local park this weekend! We live in such a beautiful world – we need to take a break and enjoy it more!


I also had a chance to stop by the cutest little stand! I used to pass this place every day on my way to school and never bothered to stop. Shady Tree Farm sells veggies, flowers, eggs, and occasionally fruit. It’s all organic and locally raised – it is actually raised by the people that run the stand in their back yard and picked daily. How cool is that? I got the best eggplant and garlic I have ever had. Ever. I can’t wait to stop again.



How cute is this bridge over their ditch?



What amazing things do you have locally?

Closet & Make Up Wish List :: Birthday Edition

Today’s my birthday, ya’ll. And in typical me fashion, I’ve been scouring the interweb to figure out what I’m going to gift myself. I usually pick one or two things to get myself over.

What? Gifting to myself? Oh yes….I am a firm believer in the ‘treat yo’self’ philosophy and holidays are no exception. After all, why not? I believe we get this one life so we might as well eat what we want, watch what we want, wear what we want, and all that jazz.



Oatmeal Booties, Black Oxfords, Black Boots, Olive Cutout Booties


Cupcakes and Cashmere, Love x Style x Life, The Wedding Book, Tim Walker Pictures


PTR Mask Set, Give Me Some Lip, Very Berry Nail Set, Extravagant Eyes

What sort of things do you guys treat yourselves to?

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