October ’16 Goals

I cannot freakin’ believe that it is October already. I swear I just blinked and it was June and now it’s October and haunted houses are open, pumpkin patches are all the rage, and leaves are everywhere.

On one hand I am crazy excited because ~sweater weather~, but on the other hand, I cannot believe I have hardly accomplished anything this year that I was on my big to-do list. I know this is 100% my fault because I have wither put it off (can you say major procrastination?) or tried to do so much at once that I completely overwhelm myself and lose ground.

Brining me to my main goal for this month – balance! I need to get better at balancing everything in my life. I watch other people juggle things and it seems so effortless, but I know it isn’t. I need to balance work, health, friends, family, and fun much more. I tend to let one take over and don’t put enough effort toward the rest. The ones that usually take a beating are friends, health, and fun. I’ll let work stress me out and then I delve back into myself and just lay low, adding more stress to myself because I’m not giving myself proper self-care.

Another goal I have for this month is to try new things – I’d love to go to a pumpkin patch! I’ve never been and it look so neat, but that’s just one. I want to fill my free time with new experiences.

I also want to make healthy eating more of a priority. I’ve really been slacking when eating out for lunch. Not that there aren’t healthy choices when you eat out, I just haven’t been making them.

I’m also going to try and get a workout schedule that will work with my busy lifestyle. I really tend to try and workout too much and then get over it super quick and stop working out. Healthy? Not so much. I’m going to do Kayla’s BBG – which is three days of resistance training that can be completed at home. Though Kayla suggests pairing it will two or three days of low or high intensity cardio, I might pair it with short circuits from Nike Training Club app.

These goals seem very reminiscent of past goals and that’s because they are! I know what I need to work on, now I just need to consistently work on working on them!