25 Days of Christmas :: Day 1 :: Favorite Holiday Movies

Are you guys in on ABC’s 25 Days of Christmas movie marathon? I simply adore it and watch it every year when I have the chance. Some of these movies are played in their rotation and some aren’t, but these six are a yearly must-see for me!


Holiday in Handcuffs


So the acting in this movie won’t be winning any Oscars, but I can’t help buy que it up every winter. Mario Lopez and Melissa Joan Hart bring to life a hilariously ridiculous love story with plenty of moments that will tug the heart strings. Bonus: Mario Lopez has a great shirtless scene 😛




This movie was an instant favorite as soon as I saw it in theaters. I’m not sure who shines more – Zooey Deschanel or Will Ferrell, but together they make this movie funny, heartwarming, and perfect for the whole family from the musical numbers to the great life lessons. Bonus: Tons of quotable lines.




Christmas with the Kranks


I first read the novel by John Grisham in grade school through the AR program and then rented the movie as soon as I could. Verdict – ehhhhh. I’m not sure which I like more, but despite that, this movie always gets watched at least twice during the holiday season. Tim Allen’s high jinks and Jamie Lee Curtis’ stellar acting makes this hilarious movie great to watch with your friends or parents. Bonus:  It’s overly ridiculous and perfect for any occasion.

giphy (5).gif



The Nightmare Before Christmas

26 nightmare before christmas.jpg

One of my closest friends in high school was obsessed with Tim Burton and insisted we watch this movie ay chance we had and it stuck with me. I can’t help but pop it in every time the weather gets colder. This movie is perfect to transition from fall to winter with. Bonus: Blink-182 says you can “live like Jack and Sally” if you want and I love Blink-182.

giphy (1).gif

Four Christmases


It took me a couple of times watching this movie to fall in love with it, but since then I’ve been hooked for life. Besides, who doesn’t love Reese Witherspoon? I love movies about falling back in love and this Christmas comedy is a perfect reminder that sometimes all it takes is a little hard work to make things work. Bonus: The opening scene is 10/10.

giphy (6).gif



The Holiday


This comedy about switching houses and finding love during the Christmas season is perfect in so many ways – the clothes, the meet cutes, the family. I love Jude Law and he particularly shines in this film, as does the always glowing Kate Winslet, the ever hilarious Jack Black, and the funny and whip smart Cameron Diaz. Bonus: All the friendship goals.

giphy (7).gif



My least favorite holiday movie of all time is Love Actually. Seriously, the only good thing I have to say about it is that I love Alan Rickman in anything and Kiera Knightly looked amazing (per usual).

giphy (3).gif

What are your favorite holiday movies? The Polar Express? Die Hard? Let me know and I’ll check them out!


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