25 Days of Christmas :: Day 10 :: Bestie Gift Guide

One of my favorite parts about almost every holiday is the opportunity to shop for presents! Gift for my besties are no exception.

As always, one of the best things to keep in mind are the interests of the person to whom you’ll be giving the gift. Like, I have a friend who loves stripes, so I always keep an eye out at work for super cute striped shirts. That same friend knows I freaking love Edgar Allen Poe, so she nabbed me an amazing notebook with Poe quotes! Awesome, right?

Does your friend love cooking shows? Grab her or him one of their favorite chef’s cookbooks, inscribe it, and you have a bomb gift! Bonus points if mark a recipe and pair the book with a few ingredients they might not have on hand to make said recipe! Do they love YouTube MUAs? Watch a favorites video and score them a few things they don’t already have! Not only are they sure to love the present, they will love you for taking the extra time to get them something they’ll love.

But, these are some adorable, quirky, and fun things that would be awesome gifts for friends!


Baking Journal LampCrossfit Tank Starbucks Buff Tank My Person Mug UD Naked Ultimate Basics Charlotte Tilbury a Advent Calendar

You can always go the last minute route and grab a gift certificate to IPSY or Mophe Brushes of the Month Club – trust me, both are amazing and well worth the fantastically reasonable price.

Or, if they’re into fitness, grab them an iTunes (or Google Play) gift card with a note instructing them to download a cool new fitness app (Sweat with Kayla is dope) or grab them some fun things to make their workout time a little bit better. TJ Maxx is a great place to grab fun fitness things and they always have high quality stuff.

What are your favorite gifts for your besties?



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