Closet Wish List :: Plaid

Plaid is one of my favorite colors and I have pretty much lost count of how much plaid I own. If I were one of those people that organize their closet by color or pattern, over half would be plaid . . .

And I am not remotely ashamed of this. In fact, I put this little closet wish list together to show you that no matter what your signature style there is a plaid for you.

Urban Outfitters Plaid Skirt Tripp NYC Plaid Moto Jacket – Ralph Lauren Coat American Eagle Shirt Dress American Eagle Shirt Dress


Ann Taylor Peplum TopLucky Casual Shirt High Low BlouseCrazy Expensive Plaid Tee


Celine Fall Handbag Dooney & Bourke Handbag Oxford Pointed Toe Heel


Do you guys love paid? If not – – – why?!

Better yet, leave me links to your favorite plaid pieces so I can indulge a bit 🙂


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Blogger Recognition Award

I was super excited when I logged in last week and saw that the lovely Olivia from Absolutely Olivia had nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award!


I think these peer awards are the best! They are a great way to connect with other bloggers and introduce you (and your readers) to new bloggers.

My blog first started back when I was in college, but it was more of an abstract idea I would randomly work on when I was bored in lectures than something I actually had committed to. After I started following more blogs on Twitter and reading their posts, I decided I wanted to give it more attention. This was a great idea in theory, but in practice it lost momentum. I’m still working on the growing momentum part – I am super bad at being easily distracted, but it truly doesn’t matter to me how many views or followers I get because I have so much fun with this! But don’t get me wrong, I totally appreciate all of my followers and every view I get!

My advice to new bloggers is probably the same advice you find on every new blogger post – be consistent. I know, pot meet kettle and all that, but consistency is truly the key to growing your blog. Also – have fun! If you don’t enjoy the content you are putting out there, it’ll be harder for your readers to enjoy it.

I encourage you to check out the bloggers linked below – all of whom are amazing and wonderful 🙂

And in no particular order

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Okay, so I may not have followed the rules exactly . . . but . . . I mean, do you always?

Please, please, please leave links to your favorite blogs down below so I can check them out!


Sherlock :: A Netflix Workout 

Sherlock season four has started!!

I’m over the moon about this. Unfortunately I had to work on night that The Six Thatchers aired, but luckily I was able to find it online to watch.  

I’ve spent my free time the last few days rewatching the previous episodes to prepare for this season. But because I am making a concerted effort to workout more, I made a Netflix workout I could use for all four seasons.  

If you don’t know why you should pull up Sherlock next time you are looking for something on Netflix, check out my favorite shows to binge. 

Have you seen The Six Thatchers? What did you think about it? 

2017 Goals :: Healthy Mind & Body

I cannot believe it is already 2017! It feels just like 2016 should not be over yet, ya know? Maybe I’m just feeling old . . .

When I sat down the other night to reflect on 2016 and figure out what I wanted to focus on in 2017, I immediately realized that I missed some of the things I used to do all the time but had pushed aside in 2016. I also wanted to make my health more of a priority. I had a couple of semi-serious health issues in 2016 that could have been less severe (or avoided all together) if I had practiced healthier habits.


Image-1 (6).jpg


2017 Goals

Become more fluent in Spanish – I’ve taken a few years in school, but it always seemed like we spent most of the time reviewing the same things. I want to eventually learn a third language – probably Italian or French – but for now, I want to learn enough Spanish to be able to adequately converse with and understand native speakers.

Eat healthier – I’m not going to do any crazy diets (lookin’ at you no carb), but I am going to try and eat out less, drink more water, eat breakfast everyday, and make overall healthier choices when eating.

Read 104 books – I have always been an avid reader, but in high school I used to read four or five books a week. That was in addition to sports, homework, family obligations, and club activities. Over the last few years I have somehow gotten away from this and in 2016 I read maybe 15 books. So I set myself the sort of lofty goal of reading an average of two books a week. That might sound expensive, but I literally have piles and boxes of books I have bought and not read yet.

Be a better blogger – For me this means posting more consistently and putting more time and effort into my posts and photos.

Save more money – I have a legitimate shopping problem and I hope to conquer that issue in 2017 and save more money. This is awfully embarrassing, but maybe admitting it will help me – I have saved a total of $0 dollars all year. What? I know, it’s so bad.

Consistently workout – I have to break this horrible cycle of throwing myself all in to a super tough and demanding workout regimen only to last a week. In order to do better in 2017, I am going to make a monthly plan that gets increasingly more demanding as the year goes on, giving me a chance to adjust to the time commitment.

What goals do you want to accomplish this year? DO you prefer the term goals or resolutions?