21 Date Night Ideas

I feel like so many of us fall into the tried and true date night — dinner and a movie — even on Valentine’s Day. It’s nice to mix it up sometimes.

Turns out neither Cody nor I are off on Valentine’s, but I still plan for us to do some these in the future. Don’t forget to let me know of any cool date ideas you guys have! I’m always up for something new.


 Go Antiquing – Take twenty dollars and head to the antique district. Split up and buy something unique for the other person.

Cook Together – Order a food subscription box like Blue Apron and cook it together. Pick up a really nice bottle of whatever you guys are into and drink it while cooking or when you eat. Set the table all fancy with candles or simply eat together on the bed.

Shop for Each Other – Head to the shopping district and pick out an entire outfit for each other, from undies to jackets. Have your significant other pick out their favorite hair and makeup style for you to wear. Go fancy or keep it simple with jeans and a tee. Another option would be to just pick out outfits out from the clothes you already have. Either way, this is super fun! It’s great to see what things other people think you should wear – especially from your own closet.

Cooking or Art Class – If you live in a large enough city, this would be such a cool date! Learning something new together is exciting and fun.

Something You’ve Always Wanted To Do – Each of you write own something local you’ve always wanted to do and do them! Even if you kind of hate whatever your significant other wrote, do it anyway!

Get Physical – No, not in the way that your thinking (you can do that, too, though)! Go play laser tag, paintball, or night tag. Take a hike in a pretty location or explore a local park.

Flip A Coin – Start driving and when you come to a stop sign/road light, flip a coin or roll a die to see which way to go. Stop when you get to someplace cool or get hopelessly lost.

Test Drive a Kid – Babysit for a close friend or family member so they can go out. Plan a night full of movies, games, and awesome snacks for you two and the kid.

Make a Blanket Fort – Fill it with tons of fluffy pillows and plush blankets, make gourmet popcorn and fancy hot chocolate or pop open a great bottle of something, and watch movies all night.

Stand Up Comedy – Invite some friends over and watch stand-up comedy on Netflix. After, slit into teams and come up with your own routines. Best group buys the first round or appetizers when you guys go out later that night.

Volunteering – Serving food at a shelter is always an option. Personally, one of my favorite things to do is collect gently used purses and interview/work clothing to donate to local women’s shelters.

Create Your Own Wine Tasting – Pick up a variety of bottles, fruits, and chocolates. Set up a tasting center and then pick your favorite. Spend the rest of the night with that bottle (and maybe the runner up) and the food while you watch the stars.

Sunrise Breakfast – Head out early with a breakfast picnic and watch the sunrise. Bonus points if you do this in someplace fantastic – top of a building, local mountain top, a favorite spot from childhood.

Recreate – Remember your first date? Recreate it! This would be a great surprise date idea. How sweet, right?

Horseback Riding – This is fun – especially for you guy that don’t have this as a frequent opportunity in your area.

See A Play – Find a local group, watch one at a local college, or see a high school production.

Paint – By inexpensive paint kits and canvases and paint each other or paint the same picture and whoever did it best gets a back rub from the loser.

Coffee Crawl – Look up local coffee shops and hit each one up. Share drinks at each stop as to not get too buzzed on caffeine.

Game Night – Pick out the strangest game in the game aisle and have a great time figuring it all out.

 “Old Timers” date – Bake some cookies or cupcakes together before taking them over to the local nursing home – spend some time just chatting with them and playing games.

4 Course Meal – Have appetizers, salads, an entrée, and a dessert — at different restaurants. Its super fun and you get to eat at four different places. Win, win!


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Pinterest Roundup :: Super Bowl Snacks

This is the third year in a row I work on Super Bowl Sunday — meaning I can’t go to a Super Bowl party. Worse yet (since my team isn’t playing), I won’t get to enjoy any of the super nummy snacks and appetizers.

The Super Bowl party I normally attend has the yummiest food ever, so I always hit Pinterest up hard for inspiration. I didn’t know I had to work until a few days ago, so I had already done my appetizer recon. Every Super Bowl party has the meatballs, little smokies, and chips. To really stound out, I like to make a new take on an old favorite.

Check out these great ideas and show these bloggers some love!


Sugared Frozen Grapes Marinated in Wine – Julie Blanner

Balsamic Soy Roasted Garlic Mushrooms – Closet Cooking

Loaded Tater Tot Skewers – Made With Happy

Cheeseburger Eggs Rolls – Posted by Will Cook for Smiles on The 36th Avenue


What are your favorite Super Bowl Snacks?

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2017 Goals :: February

I can’t believe it’s already February! This is one of my favorite months – also one of my busiest with Valentine’s Day, our anniversary, peak season at Jackson Hewitt, Dillard’s, and other family obligations throughout the month.

This makes it hard to fit in time for me and often this is where my yearly goals go to die. Eek. I am making a conscious effort not to allow that to happen this year!

My main problem in February (other than lack of free time) is always, always, always going for the convenience of fast food and typically unhealthy packaged food. We always order out at least once a shift at JH, add that to all the snacks and goodies they have sitting around and the fact I eat all my other meals in my car, I don’t usually make the healthiest choices.

But I have a game plan to change that this month! I’ve made a list of super easy and quick meals I can eat on the go, plus snacks that are easy to eat at my desk. I even got a lunch box and a couple of protein shake to-go shakers to make this easier. I hit up GNC last week and grabbed some Complete Cookies, Think Thin bars, and Quest Bars. I’ve already started working them into my days as my snacks or breakfasts if I wake up too late to make something.

So far I’ve tried the Snickerdoodle Complete Cookie and it is SO GOOD. Best part is the cookie is two servings so snack now – and snack later! I’ve been pairing the protein bars with bananas and it’s seriously kicking my urge to snack in the behind.

Staying active is going to be the challenge this month! I’m not sure how I’m going to fit it in, but I am going to do at least (ok- probably *just* if I’m honest) three workouts a week. Even if they are quick, ten or fifteen minute ones, it’s better than nothing.

I’ve already figured out what part of Spanish I will be learning this month –more verbs – and set out my books to read for this month as well.

My main goal is just to do better than I did last year and to keep improving myself.

Have you set any goals for February?


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Reading List :: January 2017

One of my 2017 goals is to read 104 books this year. It’s kind of a steep number, but I know I can do it. In January, I only read four books – all in the first two weeks. You could say I kind of slacked off in the last two . . .

I’m going to share each of the books I’ve read with you when the month over and then pick my favorites at the end of the year.




Animal Magnetism – Jill Shalvis

Animal Magnetism, one of Jill Shalvis’ many books set in Sunshine, Idaho, is an endearing story about a two lost souls discovering that they bring out the best in each other. Lilah Young, a cute and self-reliant kennel owner, is forced to confront everything she typically avoids when she lets Brady Miller, a no strings attached kind of guy, into her life – and ultimately her heart.

This book is adorable. Lilah is incredibly relatable and Brady is furiously male – a combination that makes for hilarious one-liners, amusing situations, and a great love story.




Animal Attraction – Jill Shavis

Animal Attraction, also set in Sunshine, Idaho, features a powerful, yet vulnerable strong female lead, Jade Bennett. Jade is forced to confront the struggles of her past – and her growing attraction to her boss, the incredibly handsome and generous Dell Connelly.

Animal Attraction had the making of a great love story, but falls slightly short when it relies on Dell and his ridiculous good looks to spur Jade into confronting her traumatizing past.  Despite this, Shavis spins a delightfully funny story with several memorable moments.




Since You’ve Been Gone – Morgan Matson

Since You’ve Been Gone follows Emily Hughes as she attempts to complete a to-do list left behind by the enigmatic – and now mysteriously missing – Sloane. Along the way, she meets Frank Porter and turns her life upside down, eventually coming out of her shell and solving the biggest mystery of the summer — – Where is Sloan?

Since You’ve Been Gone is a fantastic coming of age story that will ensnare audiences of all ages with its unpredictable moments, impressively realistic family dynamics, and heart stopping realizations. Matson makes it complete by adding in playlists specifically attuned to her characters.




Royally Lost – Angie Stanton

Royally Lost follows Becca as she travels Europe with her family and meets Nikolai – a crown price of a small, virtually unknown country. Becca finds the confidence to be herself, as does Nikolai. Both teens forge their own path – a path that might lead them apart.

Stanton tries – and fails – to weave a realistic story from a teen’s point of view. The story is ultimately whiney and lackluster…which I hate because I feel like the plot has potential.





All in all, this month was kind of bust. I was afraid of that because I got both of the Shavis books and the Stanton book from a book list I found on Pinterest. I sort of liked the Shavis books. They were cute, despite being pretty simple. But, there is always a time and place for different books, so if a nice, easy read with a cute, romantic outcome if your cup of tea – check these out! I found them bound together,, which was pretty cool.

One of my friends gave me Since You’ve Been Gone for Christmas. This is by far the best book I read so far. It is funny, cute, and relatable. I fell for the characters, which I think is a sign of a great writer. I’ve already put a few more books by Matson on my ‘to read’ list.

What books have you read this year?

Better yet, what are your favorite books??


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