First Day of Spring :: Closet Wish List

I cannot believe it is already Spring! I honestly do not know where the time has gone . . . Do you guys ever feel that way?

I’ve spent the last few days searching high and low for fun looks for Spring and I have found tons I love. Embroidery, jeans, and tees are going to big this year and I am all for it. Fun jeans that can be dressed up or down are my favorite! Continue reading

Netflix Workout :: How to Get Away With Murder Leg Workout

I haven’t had a lot of free time lately, I am currently working full time and attempting to move (seriously, it’s a nightmare), but what bit of time I’ve managed to grab, I’ve spent it literally doing nothing. Straight up couch potato nothing. Continue reading

Best Dressed Guest :: Wedding Season Inspiration

It’s wedding season!

I adore weddings – absolutely adore them. I have had so much fun at work recently helping everybody pick out items to wear as a wedding guest. While I always enjoy helping people shop, as a wedding guest it can be extremely stressful. I decided to put together a bit of inspiration for the wedding season. Continue reading

My Sephora Love List

If you check my data usage on my cell, Sephora will be in my top three apps every single time. It is my favorite place to kill time.I love to browse all of the new items, read the reviews, and contemplate what would be the very best thing to splurge on next.

As I finished reading (literally) all of the reviews on a product I use weekly, I realized my Sephora thing might just be a problem . . . . and I decided to share that problem with you! Continue reading

2017 Goals :: March

This is sort of going to be a mini recap, too. Not that I have much to recap.

I have been sick the entire month of February. I even spent a week and a half just in bed and slept almost the entire time. I’m chronically sick, but this was so much more than that. I had a mutated flu mixed with a stomach bug and head cold. I still haven’t shaken the cough and that started the last week in January.

Untitled Design (8).png

Being sick on top of two jobs left me wayyyyy to exhausted at the end of the day to do anything other than sleep. I felt so bad, my daily face routine went by the wayside, resulting in tons of texture and icky pimples. You’ll be getting a shopping haul post (that’s gonna be a big one!) and a post all about my face mask collection soon; I’m back on that skin product bandwagon. Continue reading