Workout Playlist

I’ve been crushing my workouts this past week. I’ve been using the Sweat With Kayla app, supplemented with workouts from the Nike+ Training Club app. NTC has great workouts that vary in times. I like to pair a 15 minute endurance workout with one of the 30 minute resistance workouts from SWK.

I think what you do while you workout has a lot of impact on your workout. For a lot of people, they like to be very in the moment focused, but that isn’t my jam. I prefer to get lost in music or a show on Netflix, otherwise I have a tendency to dwell on how long I have left or how many reps I still need to do. Of course, I still make sure to use proper form and not to hurt myself.

I usually watch Netflix during the SWK workouts and listen to my Short Workout playlist during my NTC 15 minute workouts. I like a mix of early 2000’s hip hop, new hip hop, and other upbeat tunes to keep me in the mood. Listen to it here!




What are your favorite songs to workout to?

Also, leave links to your blogs below, please. I’d love to check them out!

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