Netflix Workout :: How to Get Away With Murder Leg Workout

I haven’t had a lot of free time lately, I am currently working full time and attempting to move (seriously, it’s a nightmare), but what bit of time I’ve managed to grab, I’ve spent it literally doing nothing. Straight up couch potato nothing.

Sometimes this includes Netflix, but often it doesn’t. So . . . how do I have a Netflix workout if I haven’t been watching Netflix?

Ha! I haven’t given up commercial free TV yet. I’ve just been watching it while meal prepping, packing, doing the dishes, or other household chores. This not only helps keep me awake when it’s three a.m., but it helps the time pass quicker.

I’ve finished re-watching Supernatural for the millionth time, so I switched over to How to Get Away With Murder. I’ve already watched it once, but I’m prepping for when the current season gets loaded onto Netflix. In Shonda-land, you really need to re-watch sometimes in order to get all the details – especially with a show as convoluted as HTGAWM.

I’ve been crushing my workouts lately. Between Sweat with Kayla and short Nike Training Club workouts, I’ve been fitting in four or more workouts even though I’ve been crazy busy. For me, short workouts and a great playlist are key!

I formatted this workout a bit differently than i typically do. Instead of ‘Do X when they do Y’, I just made a circuit.The * indicates a break, but take one when you need to. I’ve used this HTGAWM Netflix workout three times this week and I love it!


How to Get Away With Murder Netflix Workout - At Home Legs and Cardio


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