5 Instagram Accounts I’m Loving Right Now

Instagram is always in my top used apps and one of the reasons that one of my April goals is tech free after eleven p.m. – I always find myself scrolling through my favorite accounts when I can’t sleep.

If you’re anything like me, you find yourself searching for new accounts to follow that capture and hold your attention. These are my favorite five!


Pulp Riot Hair


This Instagram is one of my top scrolled every single day because of the amazing creativity, art, and hair inspo is perfection. I love that they always give credit to the hair artist, making it super easy for you to find skilled hair artists in or around your area.

The hair artists featured above are (in order)

Hair By TiffanyHair By That Irish GirlHair By Kate


Nasty Gal


It’s no secret that I adore Nasty Gal and their fun clothes, so it makes sense that I would be so into the Instagram, too. They post tons of cute throwbacks, new arrivals, and keep fun.


Juniper the Fox


Cute animals are my favorite thing! Juniper’s account is ran by his mom and she sometimes features he other animals, including sugar gliders, cats, and adorable puppies. I love that Juniper’s mom post cute videos, pictures, and raises awareness about what it is really like to care for and raise wild animals.

Tyler Knott Gregson


I actually discovered TKG through his photography business a few yeas ago when I was doing a project for class, but I fell in love with his way with words. He’s written one of my favorite poems and each time I read his words, I’m amazed. If you’re looking for some late night feels, a poem for almost any occasion, and some general feel goodness, his Instagram or Tumblr is where you need to be.



Kayla Itsines


I’m not sure when  found Kayla, but I remember falling in love with her Insta page right away. Mainly because of the amazing before and after photos from her dedicated followers and the sheer amount of positive energy she sends out into the world. I’ve found and followed tons of positive, dedicated, and empowering women from her page. I check it out when I’m in need of good vibes or motivation. Bonus – she posts pictures of her adorable dogs every once in awhile.

What are your favorite Instagram accounts?

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