Mask Monday :: Tony Moly I’m Real Sheet Masks

I may have a slight attachment to face masks if the completely full shelf in my bathroom is any indication. My obsession started off small a few years back with those two dollar packs from Walmart and quickly escalated into a full blown investment. I like to keep a mix of high end and more affordable masks in my collection.

I recently fell in love with sheet masks and like to use them after a traditional mask for added moisture before bed. I typically use one every other night or two nights, but that may not be the best course of action for your skin. However, I have seen amazing results. I cleanse my skin, but before applying my nightly skin care routine I apply a sheet mask and let it soak in.

I read about the Tony Moly masks on Buzzfeed one day and just new I had to have them asap. I immediately headed over to Amazon and grabbed the I’m Real sampler set.The I’m Real Sampler set contains eleven high quality and affordable sheet masks that target any issue you may be experiencing.

Included in the set is the Red Wine for pore care, Tomato for radiance, Broccoli for vitality, Pomegranate for elasticity, Tea Tree for soothing inflamed skin, Rice for helping to clear skin, Seaweed for skin purification, Lemon for brightening, Avocado for nutrition (and moisture), Aloe for moisture, and Makgeolli for skin purification.


My main concern when it comes to my skin is dry, dull, skin with an uneven tone. So when these came in the mail, I immediately reached for the Avocado sheet mask.

I’m big fan of avocado masks! And now I’m an even bigger fan of the I’m Real Avocado sheet mask! My skin was so moist and bright! I was incredibly impressed.


I ran through Lemon, Pomegranate, and Tomato next.

And was blown away be each of them. Lemon brightened my skin, lightened my hyper-pigmentation, and made my pores look smaller. The Pomegranate mask tightened my skin and reduced fine lines while the Tomato mask made my skin practically glow.


The next week brought me to the Tea Tree mask, the Rice mask, and the Aloe mask. I used the Tea Tree after a particularly rough extracting session when my skin was red and inflamed. After twenty minutes or so with the mask on, my skin was barely pink and super soft.  I was not sure what to expect from the Rice mask because I don’t have a lot of pimples or texture most of the time. I waited and used it during ‘that time of the month’, but I didn’t expect much.

Typically masks that seek to help clear your skin need a few uses to really see results. But, I was pleasantly surprised. My texture on my cheeks was actually reduced and my blackheads were smaller.I was excited for the aloe mask. I used it after a sulfur mask, which always leaves my skin incredibly dry.  Wow! My skin was so plump, soft and hydrated.


At this point, all I had left to try were the Seaweed, Makgeolli, Broccoli, and Red Wine. I did double duty one day and pair the Seaweed with the Red Wine mask. My pores looked super clean and small after this combo! Match made in heaven, y’all. Not only were my pores emptier and smaller, but my skin looked brighter.

The Broccoli mask was one of my favorites; it reduced my fine lines, brightened my skin, and made it look tighter. The Makgeolli mask was great! It shrunk my pores and provided moisture. Win-win.

Each Tony Moly I’m Real mask delivers exactly what they promise and more! I immediately purchased a second – and third – sampler pack and so far I’ve had the same great results with them as I did with the first pack.

I plan on grabbing multi-packs of the Lemon, Avocado, Aloe, and Tomato masks for myself and a multi-pack of the ed Wine, Tea Tree, and Rice for Cody. I might even grab a few multi-packs as stocking stuffers and gift fillers when the holidays roll around.

Have you tried any of the Tony Moly I’m Real masks? What about the other Tony Moly masks? I’m dying to try some new ones!


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