Tackling Life :: May 2017 Goals

I am so thankful for all of my extra free time this month! I’m going to use it to really focus on me and getting my life in order.

I have been doing really well the last few weeks on meal prepping and healthier snacking habits. But, I have been slacking in other areas. For instance, I haven’t been getting enough sleep, reading any, or working on learning Spanish any.

I’ve worked on several different ideas on healthier meals and snack combos and made a shopping list. I’ve also found several healthy versions of some of my favorite foods. I’m going to try a few new recipes this month! I am so eager to share these! I’m going to try and drink more water! I already drink a ton, but I want to up it.

I’m going to keep trying the tech free after eleven thing; It has been helpful on the days I’ve accomplished it. I thought about starting at ten this month, but I want to nail the eleven time frame first.

I’ve been working out semi-frequently, but I’ve had awful pressure headaches lately, so I tend to not workout when those are bad,. I hope that once the weather calms down, the headaches will subside and I can workout more. I wrote out a plan for this month and a circuit for if I’m feeling two-a-days.

I’m totally tackling this learn Spanish thing head on this month!! I ordered the complete Beginner’s Box Set from FlashSticks. I’ve already started pouring over these! I’m going to stick them everywhere and it will be brilliant!

Basically, I am super excited for this month and to start actually nailing my 2017 goals!

What about you guys? Excited? Any goals? Let me know!

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