Hydration Sensation :: 11 Reasons You Should Always Keep A Bottle of Water With You

I’m pretty much permanently dehydrated thanks to some thrilling medicine I have to be on – fun, right? Prior to this medical requirement, I maybe drank one or two bottles a day. And that was if I had sports or some other outside activity to endure. Since this medical requirement, I have been come the poster child for Hydrate Anonymous.


No, but really. I am incredibly likely to lecture any give person on the virtues of water and proper hydration. So today I’m going to share some of my favorite reasons to stay hydrated – because, ya know, H20 is so important.


  1. Protects joints – Dehydration and swelling can both cause awful joint pain that is seriously no fun. Drinking plenty of water helps keep this in check.
  2. Prevent (some) headaches – One reason you can get headaches is dehydration! Stave off those icky headaches by drinking a glass every now and then.
  3. Happy, glowing skin – Keep your skin healthy and happy with plenty of hydration. Your skin is your largest organ and water helps keep it working properly and your cells regenerating properly.
  4. Flush away toxins – Water is basically your body’s transport system. It helps transport all the good, happy nutrients to where they need to go and helps move all the bad, icky toxins flowing out of your body efficiently.
  5. Regulate body temperature – Another awesome thing water helps regulate is your bod temperature. How? Well, that’s really science-y, but basically our bodies are mostly water and that water helps keep our temperature in check.
  6. Happy kidneys – This one is so important! Happy kidneys help with flushing away toxins. Plus, if you consistently do not drink enough water, you stand a much higher risk of kidney stones. Let me tall ya, babe, those are no fun.
  7. Focus better & not as tired – Ever hit that afternoon slump and reach for a sugary pick me up and snack? I’ve been there. The smarter outcome is to reach for a large glass of water. Water helps your brain focus and revives the cells up there. Bonus? You save a few calories, too.
  8. Aids Digestion – Water is the great regulator and your digestive tract is no exception its regulation.
  9. Aids in weight loss / weight management – Not only is water calories free (duh, Sarah), but sometimes when you think your hungry you are actually thirsty. I’ll be real : I always thought this was a load of bull, until I tried it. For years I would crave a snack at 2:30 almost everyday. Five years ago, I started drinking a bottle of water when these snack cravings came on and then waiting fifteen minutes to see if I was still hungry. Nine times out of ten, I wasn’t. I made myself a believer.
  10. Lessens irritability – Several studies show that even slight dehydration can make you cranky and more stressed. I don’t know about you, but I have enough stress in my life.
  11. Easy way to reduce bloat – Feeling a bit bloated? It happens to all of us and can be caused by so many different factors. Drinking water helps with the salt retention that can cause bloating. Plus, when you are dehydrated, your body hoards water and replenishing it can help reduce the swelling.


I don’t know about you, but it didn’t take much more than learning that it helped my skin and nails for me to be on that water bandwagon.

What’s the main reason you keep hydrated?

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