Blogger Recognition Award

I was super excited when I logged in last week and saw that the lovely Olivia from Absolutely Olivia had nominated me for the Blogger Recognition Award!


I think these peer awards are the best! They are a great way to connect with other bloggers and introduce you (and your readers) to new bloggers.

My blog first started back when I was in college, but it was more of an abstract idea I would randomly work on when I was bored in lectures than something I actually had committed to. After I started following more blogs on Twitter and reading their posts, I decided I wanted to give it more attention. This was a great idea in theory, but in practice it lost momentum. I’m still working on the growing momentum part – I am super bad at being easily distracted, but it truly doesn’t matter to me how many views or followers I get because I have so much fun with this! But don’t get me wrong, I totally appreciate all of my followers and every view I get!

My advice to new bloggers is probably the same advice you find on every new blogger post – be consistent. I know, pot meet kettle and all that, but consistency is truly the key to growing your blog. Also – have fun! If you don’t enjoy the content you are putting out there, it’ll be harder for your readers to enjoy it.

I encourage you to check out the bloggers linked below – all of whom are amazing and wonderful 🙂

And in no particular order

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Rules for those tagged

Thank the blogger that nominated you & tag them

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Share a brief story of how your blog started

Share two pieces of advice for new bloggers

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Okay, so I may not have followed the rules exactly . . . but . . . I mean, do you always?

Please, please, please leave links to your favorite blogs down below so I can check them out!


What a busy week . . .

These past two weeks have been so crazy. I’ve been pretty sick so add on two jobs and Marley having multiple snow days, I’ve been beyond stressed. Luckily, I’m feeling much better, the snow has gone away, and my hours at work are down (I’ve only got one job again), so I’m trying to get back into the swing of things.

This upcoming week, I have three days off in a row and I’m pretty stoked to catch up on cleaning. But, here’s a catchup post because I’ve actualy managed to do a few things during these crazy days.



I live in the woods and when it snows, it covers everything. Isn’t it so pretty?



We had some leftover strawberries, so I whipped up a batch of strawberry cheesecake muffins.  I used this recipe, but my muffins did not look as good as her muffins. That’s alright, because they were really yummy.

We have potlucks each Wednesday at work, so I always try and make something for that. Last week, I made a Butterfinger pie and a taco casserole. Both were really yummy and several people at work asked me for the recipes. I consider that a win. Please excuse these pictures, I snapped them last minute because I made them right before work.



This week should be way more chill, so I’m hoping to get more up.

Swamped :: A School Story & Mini Catch Up

I have been beyond swamped so far this semester! I’m only taking four classes, but three of them have an overwhelming load because they are graduate level classes.

 I’m so impressed by the amount of work grad students accomplish for class, along with their personal life, and working. I had three papers due last week and two more this week. Crazy!! 

I’ve been relying so much on caffeine and sugary drinks lately. I know after his semester I’ll have to seriously cute back!

I have a few post ideas that I’ve written up but I’m missing pictures for them still. I’m going to try and knock those out in the next few days and some for backup posts when I’m super swamped. 

One way I keep school from getting too overwhelming is to pamper myself while I work. When I’m up late writing papers or studying I do a face or hair mask. 

The other night I pulled out my latest favorite :: Boscia’s Luminizing Black Mask. It’s amazing. You put a thick, opaque layer of the mask on and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. It dries slowly and peels off cleanly. It worked like a pore strip, but less abrasive! After pulling it out, I gently scrub my skin. My pores look half the size they were. This is going to be a new staple in my mask collection. 

I’ve also been working a ton! Which is great because it means I can go shopping 🙂

Marley had her birthday party today! She turns four on 10-5, but we had her party early because my strap dad will be out of the country on her birthday week. 

I’m also loving the combo of my new camo shirt, my pink suede anorak jacket, and my bullet necklace from Half United. 

Don’t ya just love iPhone photos? Haha

Back to Blogging :: I finally have internet!

I haven’t had internet for over a week . . . It’s been beyond stressful! 

It’s made my first two weeks of school unnecessarily hard. I had internet at school, but I haven’t been able to stay late to post because of personal commitments. 

We contacted our internet provider multiple times, but to no avail.  They kept saying they knew the problem was on their end and that they would be able to fix it. They sent people out several times and weren’t able to fix the problem. 

My mom finally switched the physical phone line to a new one and . . . Our internet started working. 

The provider was wrong and the problem was on our end and easily fixable! It was so frustrating!! But now, I have plenty of posts to get up to you guys!

I’ve made muffins, gone to a Cardinals game, and a couple other fun things! Those posts should be up soon. 

Liebster Award :: Discover New Blogs

The sweet and very fashionable Sydnie over at Snazzy, Sassy, and Classy nominated me for my first ever blog award, the Liebster Award. I am so very grateful, thankful, and overwhelmed that she nominated me for this. This award is given to blogger by other bloggers. By accepting this award, I am supposed to included eleven facts about myself and nominate other bloggers. How cool is that?

Thanks Snazzy, Sassy, and Classy for the nomination of the Liebster Award! On BySaraShea

I love to clean when I’m stressed! It helps me compartmentalize and deal with the stressor more efficiently.

I have a bit of a focus issue. I cannot focus on imply one thing at a time and as a result, I am often found doing at least two or three things at once.

If I could only wear one color for the rest of my life, it would be black. I love how the color can be transformed from professional to grungy to whatever without issue. Some colors, like a vibrant lime green, just aren’t appropriate for all settings! Haha

My favorite thing to do is curl up with a good book, a cup of coffee, and spend the day reading.

I have a ridiculously large collection of scented candles. My current favorite is the vanilla cupcake by Yankee Candle Company.

I used to play softball.

I love to travel. I would spend my entire time traveling if possible. My favorite place that I’ve been was a tiny farm town in Germany. I have no idea what the name of the town is, but it was simply amazing.

My favorite thing to do at the end of the day is wash my face. I take my nightly face routine very seriously and never miss it, no matter how late it is.

I am a terribly messy person. I love order, but for some reason I can never keep things too orderly. I’m really going to try and combat this when I move into my own place.

Tom Hiddleston is one of my favorite actors. Not only is he talented, he is also very philanthropic.

I am an awful speller. No, seriously, I am so bad that sometimes I have to google words because autocorrect cannot figure them out.


I nominate the following to continue this lovely blog – to – blog award



Ash & Lane




Ladies, you can find the information you need to continue this award here. Have fun!

Let me know what you think of these blog!

Know of any other blogs I should check out?