21 Date Night Ideas

I feel like so many of us fall into the tried and true date night — dinner and a movie — even on Valentine’s Day. It’s nice to mix it up sometimes.

Turns out neither Cody nor I are off on Valentine’s, but I still plan for us to do some these in the future. Don’t forget to let me know of any cool date ideas you guys have! I’m always up for something new.


 Go Antiquing – Take twenty dollars and head to the antique district. Split up and buy something unique for the other person.

Cook Together – Order a food subscription box like Blue Apron and cook it together. Pick up a really nice bottle of whatever you guys are into and drink it while cooking or when you eat. Set the table all fancy with candles or simply eat together on the bed.

Shop for Each Other – Head to the shopping district and pick out an entire outfit for each other, from undies to jackets. Have your significant other pick out their favorite hair and makeup style for you to wear. Go fancy or keep it simple with jeans and a tee. Another option would be to just pick out outfits out from the clothes you already have. Either way, this is super fun! It’s great to see what things other people think you should wear – especially from your own closet.

Cooking or Art Class – If you live in a large enough city, this would be such a cool date! Learning something new together is exciting and fun.

Something You’ve Always Wanted To Do – Each of you write own something local you’ve always wanted to do and do them! Even if you kind of hate whatever your significant other wrote, do it anyway!

Get Physical – No, not in the way that your thinking (you can do that, too, though)! Go play laser tag, paintball, or night tag. Take a hike in a pretty location or explore a local park.

Flip A Coin – Start driving and when you come to a stop sign/road light, flip a coin or roll a die to see which way to go. Stop when you get to someplace cool or get hopelessly lost.

Test Drive a Kid – Babysit for a close friend or family member so they can go out. Plan a night full of movies, games, and awesome snacks for you two and the kid.

Make a Blanket Fort – Fill it with tons of fluffy pillows and plush blankets, make gourmet popcorn and fancy hot chocolate or pop open a great bottle of something, and watch movies all night.

Stand Up Comedy – Invite some friends over and watch stand-up comedy on Netflix. After, slit into teams and come up with your own routines. Best group buys the first round or appetizers when you guys go out later that night.

Volunteering – Serving food at a shelter is always an option. Personally, one of my favorite things to do is collect gently used purses and interview/work clothing to donate to local women’s shelters.

Create Your Own Wine Tasting – Pick up a variety of bottles, fruits, and chocolates. Set up a tasting center and then pick your favorite. Spend the rest of the night with that bottle (and maybe the runner up) and the food while you watch the stars.

Sunrise Breakfast – Head out early with a breakfast picnic and watch the sunrise. Bonus points if you do this in someplace fantastic – top of a building, local mountain top, a favorite spot from childhood.

Recreate – Remember your first date? Recreate it! This would be a great surprise date idea. How sweet, right?

Horseback Riding – This is fun – especially for you guy that don’t have this as a frequent opportunity in your area.

See A Play – Find a local group, watch one at a local college, or see a high school production.

Paint – By inexpensive paint kits and canvases and paint each other or paint the same picture and whoever did it best gets a back rub from the loser.

Coffee Crawl – Look up local coffee shops and hit each one up. Share drinks at each stop as to not get too buzzed on caffeine.

Game Night – Pick out the strangest game in the game aisle and have a great time figuring it all out.

 “Old Timers” date – Bake some cookies or cupcakes together before taking them over to the local nursing home – spend some time just chatting with them and playing games.

4 Course Meal – Have appetizers, salads, an entrée, and a dessert — at different restaurants. Its super fun and you get to eat at four different places. Win, win!


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Rice Krispie Treats – The Perfect Treat

I adore Rice Krispie treats so much. The crunchy, chewy, sweet combination makes my taste buds delighted. Seriously, they’re amazing. And this recipe from Life In The Lofthouse is literally the perfect Rice Krispie treat. No, I’m not exaggerating. Perfection right here.


I had never made Rice Krispie treats before so I was unprepared for making them. They seem so simple, but . . . Ok, they are simple but messy! I was not ready to be so sticky.

This recipe calls for 6 cups of Rice Krispies, 5 tablespoons of butter, .25 teaspoons of salt, and 8 cups of mini marshmallows. I added six drops of pink food coloring, an extra cup of mini marshmallows, and about .5 teaspoons of pure vanilla extract.

I lined a large baking dish with greased parchment paper. In a large pot, I melted the butter and then added seven cups of mini marshmallow. While stirring constantly, I added the food coloring as the marshmallows melted. Once the minis were melted, I turned off the heat and folded in the Rice Krispies and salt. After the mixture was almost completely mixed, I added the last two cups of mini marshmallows and mixed well.

After dumping it into the lined panned, I greased my hands (less sticky stuff on you this way), and pressed the treats into some semblance of a flat, even treats.

After they cooled completely, I used a greased cookie cutter and cut them into heart shapes, because Valentine’s Day. What’s your favorite way to make Rice Krispie treats?




Valentine’s Day Inspiration from Pinterest

Love is in the air!

I love Valentine’s Day crafts, desserts, and decorations although I don’t normally celebrate Valentine’ Day because I think it’s strange to pick one day a year to show the person you love how much you love them. That being said, I go big on the Valentine’s Day desserts. I’ve been looking at pins for months trying to get inspiration to decide what to bake. I thought I’d share some of my favorites 🙂

Just click on the pictures to access the original bloggers post. Don’t forget to checkout the rest of my inspiration on my Valentine’s Day board and to follow me on Pinterest.

heart oreo truffles.jpg

strawberry buddies.jpg

pin sugar cookie bar.jpg

pink mac