Back to Campus :: Surviving the First Day of College

I remember my first day of college like it was yesterday. I went to junior college and the transferred to a four year university. I had a scholarship at my junior college and it covered all of my general classes. Which was cool. It was a completely different experience from my four year university experience.

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Back to Campus 2017 :: Closet Wish List

Working in retail is something I truly love. Don’t get me wrong, like any job some days suck, some days I don’t want to go to work, and some days customers just make me want to scream. But overall, I love it.

One of the reasons I’m currently loving retail work is helping people with their back to school shopping. It was always one of my favorite parts of the school year and it is definitely the part I miss the most.

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Back to School Blues :: Fall ’16 Closet Wish List

One of my favorite parts about going back to school – and the part I’ll be missing most – is shopping for great, versatile pieces to wear to school. You already know that I’ve been stalking my favorite stores for fun pieces. These are my Fall ’16 picks!

Graphic tees and tanks are a great way to show your personal style and are awesome to layer with all types of jackets and cardigans – a must when you never know if your classrooms are going to be freezing or sweltering!


Plane tee, pink tank, pineapple tank

Cardigans are always a good investment piece that can be layered for every season. Bonus – they can come in basic colors and traditional pieces (good for multi-use) and fun shapes and prints (great for freshening up your style).

Grey, Pink, Merlot

You cannot go wrong grabbing new jeans. Just make sure to get some that work with all different types of shoes and weather so they’ll work all year! One of my favorite things to do is get two or three really versatile pairs, one super fun pair, and one ripped or cropped pair. Whatever style(s) you pick, make sure it fits you and your personality!


dark wash, medium wash

white, extreme ripped, ripped

medium light, dark flare, dark skinny

A few dresses never hurt either! The great thing about dresses are that they can be dressed up or down for class, study groups, or date nights. Pair them with tights, a denim jacket, or a cardigan to change it up.

black tee, white lace, black maxi

long sleeve, pink tee, grey sweatshirt

Leggings are super popular these days, too. They work dressed up, dressed down, paired with tons of shirts, and even under shorter dresses. They are my go-to when the weather cools down – perfect to pair with a sweater and boots! In my opinion, the very best leggings ever are from Black Milk*. They are perfection, but a little pricy for leggings. However, they hold up super well and are the most amazing things ever with basic styles and ridiculously fun ones. They are opaque (except the ones that aren’t meant to be), thick, breathable . . . can you tell I love them?


Sporty stripes, Whales

Matte, Mermaid, Tartan

*Black Milk also has amazing EVERYTHING. They have both Australian and U.S based websites and sometimes you can find different things on each site. I have a ton of their stuff and all of it is amazing quality.


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Planners Wish List



Back to School Blues :: Planner Wish List

I’ve been in such a funk lately and I’m not sure why. My motivation has been at an all time low (Love ATL – the band) lately, I’ve been sick, and I have a slew of doctor appointments coming up that I just cannot be ready for. Something else adding to my funk – it’s back to school time.

I’m not in a funk because I have to go back to school, but because I’m not going back to school. This is the first August in forever and ever that I haven’t been out shopping for fun school supplies. However, this hasn’t stopped me from checking out all of the cool supplies floating around.

These are a few of my favorite planners for the 2016-2017 school year.

My favorite planners this year come from the fun and funky Lilly Pulitzer. The jumbo sizes run at35, large versions are $30, medium are $24, and the small versions are $18. These planners are bright, fun, and filled with exciting illustrations and stickers.


I always adore the Kate Spade planners. These have been a staple in my bag for years until I switched to a Lilly one earlier this year. Kate Spade planners are sleek and stylish – perfect for keeping with you all the time. The mega planners run at $40 and the large sizes at $36.


Don’t forget to head on over to Kate Spade and Lilly P to check out the matching accessories like notebooks, pens, and sticky notes.

Favorite Shopping Stores

I enjoy shopping. It is one of my favorite things to do. I know it sounds superficial, but I don’t care. I love shopping for groceries just as much as I do for shoes. Strange, right?

I spend my free time browsing apps and online stores when I’m not bouncing from store to store. Everybody seems to be shopping more since school is starting & there are tons of sales happening right now so I thought I would share with you a list of my favorite stores for almost any occasion. Check these shops out; they are all wonderful!


*Nasty Gal: This LA based retailer was founded in 2006. The name is a little strange, but it was inspired by the great Betty Davis. They sell vintage pieces, brands like For Love and Lemons, One Teaspoon, Jeffrey Campbell, and also have their own label.

*Asos: This British store sells a ridiculously large amount of merchandise and brands. Sifting through it all can be a tad tedious, but they have great finds if you are willing to put in the time.

*Mod Cloth: This is one of the first places I ever bought anything online! They sell vintage, indie, and mod clothing, accessories, and household goods. Some brands they stock include Jeffrey Campbell, Chinese Laundry, and tons of other ones.

*Haute Look: Launched in 2007, this online based store is similar to TJ Maxx and Marshalls. They get new inventory daily and the sales last anywhere from a few days to a week. I have found amazing discounts on books, makeup, and clothes. This is a must check site if you have expensive taste on a small budget.

*Black Milk: This Australian brand finally opened a U.S. base in the last year or so, but they were worth the shipping price before! They specialize in printed bodysuits and leggings, but they have amazing shirts, dresses, and swim wear. Most of their stuff is themed around Disney, fantasy, and comic bookcharacters, but they also have things that are plain. Sometimes the Australian and US websites have different products, so check both of them. I adore their black leggings. They are the only pair I have found that are one hundred percent, no joke, completely opaque.

*Sephora: You have had to have heard of this amazing makeup store. In case you haven’t, they sell everything from their own brand to high end makeup and fragrance brands. I buy the majority of my makeup, fragrances, and face masks there.

*Urban Outfitters: This U.S. based company has been in the news in the past years for selling items that aren’t always politically correct, but I try not to let this color my judgment of their other products. I love the variety they have in their clothing and the cool apartment décor they carry.

*TJ Maxx: I could write a book about why I ove this store . . . and now you can shop on their website, too! How neat is that? I love that I can buy designer bags and other products at a discounted price. It’s a great place to find house decorations, gifts, or hair products. They have a large selection of clothes and it’s a good place to get workout clothes. My local TJ Maxx has a large selection of jewelry and watches, also.

*American Eagle: I know this store is tended to be marketed to teens and young adults, but I still technically fall into the latter category. I like to buy their jeans for daily wear and sometimes I get plaid or plain shirts their when they are having a sale.

*Dick’s Sporting Goods: Oh my goodness. I love this store. They have such an amazing collection of products and brands. I love to get my workout clothes there!

Please, please, please leave me your favorite stores! I would sincerely like to check them out 🙂