Tackling Life :: May 2017 Goals

I am so thankful for all of my extra free time this month! I’m going to use it to really focus on me and getting my life in order.

I have been doing really well the last few weeks on meal prepping and healthier snacking habits. But, I have been slacking in other areas. For instance, I haven’t been getting enough sleep, reading any, or working on learning Spanish any. Continue reading

2017 Goals :: Healthy Mind & Body

I cannot believe it is already 2017! It feels just like 2016 should not be over yet, ya know? Maybe I’m just feeling old . . .

When I sat down the other night to reflect on 2016 and figure out what I wanted to focus on in 2017, I immediately realized that I missed some of the things I used to do all the time but had pushed aside in 2016. I also wanted to make my health more of a priority. I had a couple of semi-serious health issues in 2016 that could have been less severe (or avoided all together) if I had practiced healthier habits.


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2017 Goals

Become more fluent in Spanish – I’ve taken a few years in school, but it always seemed like we spent most of the time reviewing the same things. I want to eventually learn a third language – probably Italian or French – but for now, I want to learn enough Spanish to be able to adequately converse with and understand native speakers.

Eat healthier – I’m not going to do any crazy diets (lookin’ at you no carb), but I am going to try and eat out less, drink more water, eat breakfast everyday, and make overall healthier choices when eating.

Read 104 books – I have always been an avid reader, but in high school I used to read four or five books a week. That was in addition to sports, homework, family obligations, and club activities. Over the last few years I have somehow gotten away from this and in 2016 I read maybe 15 books. So I set myself the sort of lofty goal of reading an average of two books a week. That might sound expensive, but I literally have piles and boxes of books I have bought and not read yet.

Be a better blogger – For me this means posting more consistently and putting more time and effort into my posts and photos.

Save more money – I have a legitimate shopping problem and I hope to conquer that issue in 2017 and save more money. This is awfully embarrassing, but maybe admitting it will help me – I have saved a total of $0 dollars all year. What? I know, it’s so bad.

Consistently workout – I have to break this horrible cycle of throwing myself all in to a super tough and demanding workout regimen only to last a week. In order to do better in 2017, I am going to make a monthly plan that gets increasingly more demanding as the year goes on, giving me a chance to adjust to the time commitment.

What goals do you want to accomplish this year? DO you prefer the term goals or resolutions?