Hydration Sensation :: 11 Reasons You Should Always Keep A Bottle of Water With You

I’m pretty much permanently dehydrated thanks to some thrilling medicine I have to be on – fun, right? Prior to this medical requirement, I maybe drank one or two bottles a day. And that was if I had sports or some other outside activity to endure. Since this medical requirement, I have been come the poster child for Hydrate Anonymous. Continue reading

Healthy Buys & Trying New Things

Last week I was in Fairview Heights for the day doing some shopping and stopped by a health food & grocery store – sort of like Whole Foods, I think – to pick up some vitamins for Cody. I took the opportunity to check out all of the aisles because we don’t have stores like that where I live. I am taking a cooler next time I’m up there.

I saw so many things I wanted to try! Since we had already eaten, I skipped grabbing tons of food I wanted to nom on and tossed a bunch of old favorites into the cart – Kind Bars, Lara Bars, different fruit and nut mixes, stuff like that. I only tossed in three new things.

I had seen the Hint Water and Blk Lemonade all over Instagram and health food blogs, but I had yet had the chance to try either of them. I happily grabbed a bottle of each! I also snagged a bag of Brad’s Raw Broccoli Poppers in the Garlic-ity Split! flavor.

I tried Brad’s Raw Broccoli Poppers first. One serving is an ounce and has 148 calories,  8 grams of fat, 11 grams of carbs, and 6 grams of protein. It says there is about 1.5 servings in a bag, but I think I will probably be able to snack on it five or six times.

Brad's Raw Broccoli Poppers


I was skeptical that they would be yummy would be an understatement. But they were! They have a slight broccoli flavor and, of course, are a bit garlicy with a hint of cheese. I plan on keeping these in my purse or my car for a quick, healthy, and tasty pick me up snack.

 Brad's Raw Broccoli Poppers


The Blk Lemonade was not what I was expected – it was better! I expected it to be bitter and maybe a bit rough to swallow. It was smooth, slightly sweet, and didn’t have any strange after taste.


Blk Lemonade

Each bottle is one serving and has zero calories, zero fat, and zero carbs. But it also has no sugar and is said to be good hydration due to the electrolytes in it. I probably won’t keep this drink around often because I’d have to order it in, but if I came across Blk Lemonade in a store, I would buy it in an instant.


Last, but not least – Pomegranate Hint Water. I am in love with this that I am ordering it next time I place an amazon order. I adore flavored water, but I hate the diet, artificial sweeteners added to most flavored water. But Hint is different. Hint has no diet sweeteners. Plus, the taste is out of this world.

Pomegranate Hint Water

Each bottle is one serving and has zero calories, zero fat, and zero carbs. This is great when you want a little more than water, but not the calories. Or when the kids in your life want a flavored drink and you don’t want them to have the sugar.

Pomegranate Hint Water

All in all, I am loving the new things I got to try. Any great suggestions on what I should try next?