Hydration Sensation :: 11 Reasons You Should Always Keep A Bottle of Water With You

I’m pretty much permanently dehydrated thanks to some thrilling medicine I have to be on – fun, right? Prior to this medical requirement, I maybe drank one or two bottles a day. And that was if I had sports or some other outside activity to endure. Since this medical requirement, I have been come the poster child for Hydrate Anonymous. Continue reading

Healthy Meal Prep :: Carrot Cake Banna Bread 

Do you ever buy too many of something and then have tons of leftovers you have no idea what to do with? That’s my life story where bananas, lemons, and well, fruit in general is concerned. That’s how I found myself late one Friday night crazy deep in the bowels (sounds icky, right?) of Pinterest, vainly searching for something to do with my last three bananas.

Continue reading

Tackling Life :: May 2017 Goals

I am so thankful for all of my extra free time this month! I’m going to use it to really focus on me and getting my life in order.

I have been doing really well the last few weeks on meal prepping and healthier snacking habits. But, I have been slacking in other areas. For instance, I haven’t been getting enough sleep, reading any, or working on learning Spanish any. Continue reading

2017 Goals :: April

I am so ready for this month!

It is the end of tax season and the beginning of more free time! Meaning I can finally arrange the new place, reorganize my life, and tackle this blog thing head on. Now, tax season isn’t officially over until the 20th, so the majority of the month is going to be crazy rushed — but, I am still so ready for it! Continue reading

2017 Goals :: February

I can’t believe it’s already February! This is one of my favorite months – also one of my busiest with Valentine’s Day, our anniversary, peak season at Jackson Hewitt, Dillard’s, and other family obligations throughout the month.

This makes it hard to fit in time for me and often this is where my yearly goals go to die. Eek. I am making a conscious effort not to allow that to happen this year!

My main problem in February (other than lack of free time) is always, always, always going for the convenience of fast food and typically unhealthy packaged food. We always order out at least once a shift at JH, add that to all the snacks and goodies they have sitting around and the fact I eat all my other meals in my car, I don’t usually make the healthiest choices.

But I have a game plan to change that this month! I’ve made a list of super easy and quick meals I can eat on the go, plus snacks that are easy to eat at my desk. I even got a lunch box and a couple of protein shake to-go shakers to make this easier. I hit up GNC last week and grabbed some Complete Cookies, Think Thin bars, and Quest Bars. I’ve already started working them into my days as my snacks or breakfasts if I wake up too late to make something.

So far I’ve tried the Snickerdoodle Complete Cookie and it is SO GOOD. Best part is the cookie is two servings so snack now – and snack later! I’ve been pairing the protein bars with bananas and it’s seriously kicking my urge to snack in the behind.

Staying active is going to be the challenge this month! I’m not sure how I’m going to fit it in, but I am going to do at least (ok- probably *just* if I’m honest) three workouts a week. Even if they are quick, ten or fifteen minute ones, it’s better than nothing.

I’ve already figured out what part of Spanish I will be learning this month –more verbs – and set out my books to read for this month as well.

My main goal is just to do better than I did last year and to keep improving myself.

Have you set any goals for February?


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