Netflix Workout :: The Following Season One :: Arms & Abs

I’m in the habit of switching Netflix on whenever I’m cleaning or cooking. It gives me an opportunity to catch up on shows or, in this case, become obsessed and binge a new-to-me show.

At the beginning of the month I was tired of the same shows and nothing new on Netflix was really interesting me. In a moment of television desperation, I clicked on Kevin Bacon’s smirking face and began The Following. The Following follows FBI agent Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) as he spirals in and out of control.

The first season revolves around Ryan’s quest to catch illustrious serial killer Joe Carrel and has  heavy Edgar Allan Poe theme. No spoilers, but I quickly became hooked and finished all of the episodes on Netflix (aka, all three seasons).

The following


I wanted more of an endurance workout and let me tell you, my arms are so freaking sore.


Have you watched the following? What do you think about it? What’s your go to arm or ab workout?


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2017 Goals :: April

I am so ready for this month!

It is the end of tax season and the beginning of more free time! Meaning I can finally arrange the new place, reorganize my life, and tackle this blog thing head on. Now, tax season isn’t officially over until the 20th, so the majority of the month is going to be crazy rushed — but, I am still so ready for it! Continue reading

Sherlock :: A Netflix Workout 

Sherlock season four has started!!

I’m over the moon about this. Unfortunately I had to work on night that The Six Thatchers aired, but luckily I was able to find it online to watch.  

I’ve spent my free time the last few days rewatching the previous episodes to prepare for this season. But because I am making a concerted effort to workout more, I made a Netflix workout I could use for all four seasons.  

If you don’t know why you should pull up Sherlock next time you are looking for something on Netflix, check out my favorite shows to binge. 

Have you seen The Six Thatchers? What did you think about it?